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    Sep 4, 2017
    AFK Pools (7 Ayes | 0 Nays)
    Bill proposed by:
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: I was recently asked something that dealt with going AFK for money and if it was allowed. This got me thinking, what if people start using Anti-AFK Pool type machines that kept them out of AFK mode while being AFK for the money. This could be a major problem because of the people that only want government paid jobs for the money, but not to actually do their job as supposed to. I will propose a few punishments that could be given if caught using/building/having an working AFK pool/machine.
    • First offense: Warning + K100 fee + removal of AFK pool
    • Second offense: Warning + K200 fee + removal of AFK pool + 15m jail
    • Third offense: Warning + K300 fee + removal of AFK pool + 1w ban

    - Other Information: Any and all suggestions/comments are appreciated! If you feel there's something missing that should be added or if there's something that should be removed, feel free to let me know in the comments.

    This bill can be found here
    Pets in Apartments (11 Ayes | 1 Nay)
    Bill proposed by: sparkleA
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: Currently, no animals are allowed in apartments unless the owner of the building says otherwise. If this were to be passed, farm animals (all animals except for dogs, cats, and parrots) would continue not to be allowed in apartments. However, domestic animals (dogs, cats, and parrots), would be allowed to be in apartments unless there is a specific rule against it for that apartment.
    - Other Information: Suggested by A1phaSniper

    This bill can be found here
    Trespassing of Government Property (11 Ayes | 0 Nays)
    Bill proposed by: FlappyChickens
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: In order to restrict players from going where they are unwanted, its a good idea to make it illegal. Therefore I suggest that if caught a police officer on private government area, the player will be fined. For example, if we don't want players walking on the airport's runways or hiding in the gov. building's bushed, we can fee them. Then they wont get in anyone's precious way. Suggested Law: - Trespassing on Government Restricted Property is not allowed.
    • First Offense: k15 fine.
    • Second Offense: k40 fine.
    • Third Offense: k40 fine + 5 minutes of jail.
    • Fourth Offense: k40 fine + 10 minutes of jail.
    This bill can be found here
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    Feb 4, 2018
    What is considered gov private property and who would be in who's way if they were there? I'm just curious, not being disrespectful.