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    BC Coin


    Ever heard of Bitcoin? We’re bringing actual crypto to BusinessCraft!! Introducing BC Coin!!!

    This is an actual cryptocurrency issued by our blockchain network. BC Coin (BCC) lives inside the Testnet of Binance. So no real money involved. You can buy them with ingame krunas. However, you will have to exchange your krunas with us to Synthetic Krunas (Stable Coin) which we will explain further on our Discord group. There is a fixed supply of BCC available. The goal is to create a deflationary currency in BusinessCraft. There is currently infinite amount of Krunas available in the server. As the server population grows, the government will try to supply more krunas. This will cause the value of Krunas to go down over time. Other resources like iron, gold and diamond can be mined which caused the circulating supply to go up making it less valuable over time. Here in BC Coin, we try to solve those issues. You can get BCC either as a store of value or for trading purposes, its completely up to you. Once launched, no one can stop or shutdown this coin. It will live forever in Binance's testnet. Unless, of course, they shut down their testnet service.

    Coin Symbol: BCC

    Total Supply: 250,000 BCC

    Check out our token details: https://testnet.bscscan.com/token/0xd8f732335b4aaf0b982b1a13f81d8a7f4d11d1f8#balances

    Coin Launch Date: 31 June 2021 11:00 AM UTC


    Join our discord here to create your very own wallet and be part of this pioneer movement!

    If you do plan to buy BCC on the launch date, join our discord and deposit krunas beforehand so that you have your wallet and Synthetic Krunas ready to participate on our coin launch.