Cabinet Meeting - 07/23/19

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    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Cabinet had instead of definite plans for the future.
    Notes taken by Danielw_ and edited by sparkleA.

    Parliament Bills

    The Inadequate Mayors Act
    i. Overall bill is good, did not specify enough for certain situations such as if the person who paid for the town will be reimbursed.
    ii. Vetoed.
    Initiating Unwanted PvP Law
    i. Fines were priced too high, especially for newer players.
    ii. Did not specify if punishments were for each kill or case.
    iii. Vetoed.


    Town popularity
    i. Create buses or trains as transportation to towns.
    ii. Add government attractions near towns.
    Inactive mayors
    i. SacredCloud (Kyethelion)
    ii. Krix (Solaris)
    Temporary mayors
    i. Libnah is temporary mayor for Kyethelion.
    ii. AbiDarkmoon is temporary mayor for Solaris.
    Solutions to inactive mayors
    i. Contact them both to find any updates with towns.
    ii. Protocol for replacing the owner/mayor can be the same in towns as cities. Koalition makes a case to parliament, and, if approved, the town is auctioned.
    ii. Due to inactivity and lack of communication with the majority of town mayors, DoPA will begin making Town Reports starting in August.


    Withdrawal limit
    i. Withdrawal cap on banknotes was proposed to be changed from K5000 to K200.
    ii. Lowering the withdrawal cap wouldn't lower the maximum amount of money people can hide, so it wouldn't be incredibly useful.
    Banks ideas
    i. Add a federal bank that holds banknotes so people cannot hide their money to avoid paying fines.
    ii. Possible addition of Bank Teller jobs, but hard to do with a plugin.
    iii. Bank accounts will be private as to keep the secrecy desired from banknotes.
    iv. Create a Department of Finance (DoF) to regulate banks and banknotes.


    New Player B
    alances Changes
    i. Starting balance changed from K400 to K600.
    Government Shop Changes
    i. Selective Inflation - increase the value of certain items in the shop whereas emeralds stay the same or go slightly down.
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