Government Company registration and employment benefits

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    Company Registration
    In order to gain access to the Entrepreneur shop as well as other services offered by the Government and Department of Economy, companies must register with the government in order to track employment levels.

    The process of registering your company is easy. Registration posts are to be posted within Company Registration with the format listed below. Once the thread is posted, a member of the Department of Economy will review your thread and ask for any other necessary information. After that, your post will be replied to confirming that your registration is either accepted or denied.

    More information on company registration can be found here

    Employment Benefits

    Employment Benefits is a program created by the Department of Economy to encourage players to hire employees and for players to work for companies.

    How does it work?
    Employment Benefits are bonuses and services the government gives for companies that employ certain numbers of players. This is a tiered system which depends on company registration to assign appropriate benefits to companies. If a company employs more players they get more benefits, as well as better benefits.

    More information on employment benefits can be found here