Important Court Rules

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First and former Judge of Stratham
Honesty in Court
With all court cases, it is automatically assumed that the information, testimony, and/or evidence you provide is 100% truthful and honest. With invalid information and dishonest testimony, the Court's verdict has the potential to be skewed, thus threatening the case's integrity.

Individual(s) who threaten the Court's integrity by doing so can be held in contempt of court, which as defined by BusinessCraft Law, "If an individual or individuals disrupt the court of law, they face a fine, imprisonment, and if applicable, the case dismissed."

If perjury, witness intimidation, threats, or bribery are found to be occurring during a case, the Judge handling the proceeding would have the right to hold someone in contempt of court.

Replying to Court cases
Replying to a Court Case is only permitted if summoned by the presiding Judge.
Not following this rule with result in your post being deleted, as well as additional fines, and jail time.
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