Act of Parliament Design Copyright Act

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    In a vote of 8:0 Parliament resolved that:

    Individuals will have an automatic copyright on any original designs they create, including building exteriors, building interiors, graphics, company names, and company slogans. Specific components may not be copyrighted (for example, you cannot copyright putting signs on the side of stairs to make a chair). Individuals may have their copyright automatically transferred to a company through work contracts. Copyright will only apply to original builds. Builds found to be similar enough to an online tutorial or schematic (the public domain) to be considered infringing will have no protections.

    Potential cases of copyright infringement will be brought to the court. The judge will have sole discretion of whether the disputed work is infringing. If the work is found to be infringing, the judge may award the plaintiff up to 2,500kr for each work and request the infringing item be changed within a reasonable time period, in addition to a 50kr fine. If the infringing item is not changed, the defendant will continue to pay the plaintiff the awarded amount for every time period that passes.

    Example: A judge awards the plaintiff 2,000kr and allows the defendant 2 weeks to change the infringing work. If the work is not changed, the defendant will continue paying 2,000kr every 2 weeks until it is changed.

    Link to original bill can be found here