Bill: Accepted Firearm Violence Prevention Act

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  1. Zzz_King

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    -Title: Firearm Violence Prevention Act
    -Type: Creation
    -Description: With the addition of guns to our server we need to have laws in place that will prevent the violent nature of guns to cause harm or inconvenience to people of the server. Having a strike system where a player would get a strike on their record for killing someone with a gun without consent would ensure people are more careful with guns.
    -Benefits: This will ensure that crime rates do not rise because of guns and will contribute to preventing troll-like behavior with guns.
    -Drawbacks: People may get the idea that this is too harsh, but the amount of chances you get with this is plenty.
    -Regulation: Killing someone who hasn't given their consent with a gun will result in the normal punishments for murder, and 1 strike on your Firearm record. No matter how close or far apart a player's offences are it will always count as 1 strike. If your first offence of murder happens to be with a gun it will still count as a strike.
    -Regulator: Department of Justice will enforce this, through police reports. The Minister of Justice will respond to the appeals. There will be a thread named “Firearm License Appeals” under the Disciplinary and Reports section on forums.
    -Punishment: 3 strikes on your record results in temporary removal of your firearm license with the ability to appeal on forums. 5 strikes on your record will result in temporary removal of your firearm license with a chance to appeal after getting your criminal record cleared through the courts. There will be an appeal fee of 750kr per appeal, if the appeal is accepted.
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