Fort Hamilton

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    Town of Fort Hamilton
    Welcome to the official town thread for Fort Hamilton! Fort Hamilton is located west of Capital City, just off the highway. The town is encompassed by scenic and picturesque surrounds. Main access is via the highway connection that sweeps up the hill to the main entrance.

    The town aims to provide affordable amenities for new and established players. Also on offer are large complexes suited for company headquarters at low prices. The town offers packages for the latter that include residential housing for employees. Fort Hamilton has an abundance of shops to suit everyone's needs.


    Mayor: Johnnyboi12345
    Deputy Mayor: Kbooth1102
    Treasurer: Mehlife
    Councillor: _37__
    Councillor: Germannutdealer
    Councillor: Frank_sinatra_
    Councillor: Vacant

    Building Regulations:
    • Building block height extension permits can be provided at the discretion of the town’s Head of Construction.
    • The town reserves the right to demolish any buildings that infringes town and or Businesscraft building regulations.
    • The city reserves the right to reacquire property on just terms.
    • Building theme: ‘Modern’ and 'Modern-Colonial', unless the council otherwise provides.
    • Apartment Buildings must be built on Residential zoned plots.
    • To preserve the quality of builds in the town, the following materials are not to be used as primary exterior building materials - Unless Approved by Head of Construction.
      • Wood
      • Stone bricks
      • Prismarine
      • Sandstone
    • Modern materials such as concrete, stones, terracotta and brick are advised as primary building materials.


    • Colonial style Town Hall.
    • Two Colonial style multiplexes.
    • Multiple stores!
    • Adjacent to the Pentagon Barracks, Pentagon Air Base, Pentagon Naval Base, and Government Air Base.


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