Bill: Accepted Forums Bill Separation Act

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-Title: Forums Bill Separation
-Type: Creation
-Reasoning: It is often very time consuming to search through the forums to find a bill you need to reference, whether it be needing it to edit/remove or to be used in a court case. With the "Removal Bill Separation Act" we have noticed that a new organization system is rather efficient, and can be expanded to all bills to help with the KISS initiative.
-Bill: Accepted Bills will be categorized similarly to how they are on the servers law page with certain bills going into the section it fits best. The sections created will be as follows:

Wilderness and Property
Economic and Employment
PvP and Tresspassing
Transportation and Roads

All of these sub sectors will be inside of the existing Accepted Bills Category, In addition the Acts of Removal Section will also be moved back into Accepted Bills to be along side these categories. Parliament will be responsible for finding the best suited category for each bill to be placed.
-Additional info: Made with @stinkycow