Vetoed Government Takeover of Debt

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  1. bharatj

    bharatj Administrator Staff Member Administrator Minister of Justice Member of Parliament Mayor

    Mar 4, 2018
    Title: Government Takeover Of Debt

    Type of Motion: Creation

    Elaboration & Reasoning: This will only apply to lawsuits for now. If somebody is sued and cannot pay the money owed to the plaintiff since they do not have it, the government will pay off the remaining debt for that person whether they are active or not, then collect collateral from the players who could not pay. After 2 weeks, if the person does not pay the government back, then the government will take control of their assets until the debt is paid off. This is so that players are not waiting for the money they got from a lawsuit. It would be easier for the government to assume the debt than leave it pending for each person.

    Other Information: I'd like some feedback on this please
  2. Koalition

    Koalition Prime Minister Staff Member Owner Prime Minister

    Mar 23, 2017
    The Government should not be taking over another player's debt. There is too much work there to keep track, we may need a special Department of Finance, and overall if a player is banned they wouldn't be back to pay back the Government.

    Scenario where the system can be abused:
    • Player A has his friend Player B join the server
    • Player A lends Player B 10,000 Krunas and would get 11,000 Krunas in 2 weeks.
    • Player B then spends the money and gives his items to Player A
    • Player B proceeds to troll on the server and get banned
    • Player A gets reimbursed free 11,000 from the Government

    Players can just have their loan repaid by suing the player. Lenders need to be smarter and ask for collateral or if the player is newer, have them use the money for a plot, car, or something the person issuing the loan can get should the player disappear, one way or the other.

    There is no need for the Government to bail someone out because they issues a risky loan.

    For those reasons, this bill has been vetoed.


    This motion has been vetoed by the Prime Minister.

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