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    Guide for Tour Guides

    The role of a tour guide is to welcome new players to the server and show them around the map while educating them on the various aspects of the server. Tour guides are paid 20 Krunas for every 15 minutes of online time. Tour guides must be knowledgeable about the server and passionate about their work.

    If you are interested in becoming a tour guide, you must read all of this guide. You will be asked to take an exam that proves you are knowledgeable enough for this important role. Remember, tour guides are often the first people new players meet. Your job as a tour guide is vital to the server’s success.

    Your two main responsibilities as a tour guide are giving players tours of the server and answering questions players may have. We do not recommend anyone with less than 24 hours of playtime to apply for this role.

    The Tour
    When a new player finishes the tutorial, you will get the following message displayed on your screen:


    When you see this message pop up, communicate with your fellow tour guides in the tour guide chat by using /tourguide (message). It is important that you collectively decide who does a tour because it is certainly awkward when a player is asked to follow two different guides. The new player should be waiting by the door at /spawn. The main signal that a player is ready to be toured is when the following message is displayed on your screen:


    When you give the tour, there are a few spots you have to hit called ‘key locations’. You can do them in any order you like, but you must show them all at some point. At each key location, you are expected to give certain information. Below, we have given you the key locations and example “scripts” for each spot. You do not have to follow these word for word, but the general idea would be nice.
    IMPORTANT: You must show the BusinessCraft International Airport LAST on your tour.

    Key Locations & Example Scripts
    • Animal Shelter: “Here, you can adopt a new pet,”
    • Car Dealership: “Players can buy cars here or they can go to player-run dealerships.”
    • Hospital: “Players can come here if they are feeling sick. If you get symptoms such as slowness, there could be something wrong. Use /health to get a diagnosis. If you have something, go to the hospital and click the sign to call a doctor. Also, if you would like to become a doctor, you can take the exams here when they are open”
    • Busses: “You can use busses to fast travel around the city”
    • University: “At the university, you can get a variety of jobs that give you special perks. These can help you get jobs at companies, or set you up to run your own business."
    • Bus station: “You can use the bus station to travel between towns and cities. Busses are like airplanes but are cheaper and slower.”
    • Capitol: “The Capitol is where the government officials of BC work. BC has a real-life based government system with mostly European influences. Members of Parliament are elected every 4 months. The government is run by the Prime Minister, and he appoints members to his cabinet. If you’d like to get a government job, you can apply to one of the government departments on the forum.”
    • Suburbs: "This is where you can buy pre-made houses or an empty plot to build a house."
    • Farming District: "This is where you can rent a ranch or farm. The limit per player is 3."
    • Employment Office: "This is where you can see which companies are hiring. We have a law called the Executive Sales Law which limits what items can be sold by players."
    • BusinessCraft Airport: Last but not least, the airport. The reason you show this last is because we want to give players the option of starting in other cities. Once you get started in the Capital, it’s hard to move somewhere else. Tell players that they can buy a plane ticket to any city, or they can stay in the Capital.

      Note: If you used busses or anything else during the tour that cost you money, you don’t have to pay for it out of pocket. Be sure to log your spending and report your expenses to a Sr. Tour Guide.
    Helping Players
    In addition to showing players around the server, you may also need to help them from time to time. If a player asks a question in chat, don’t be shy, answer it! If you’re interested in becoming a tour guide, you should already know these, but here’s a list of commands players may need to know

    • /lock - Lock item
    • /cmodify (Name) - Add players to a locked item
    • /as addfriend (name) - Add a friend to a plot
    • /as rent - Rent an apartment, shop, or farm
    • /as info region - Check the information of the
    • region you’re standing in
    • /pt - Check playtime
    • /jd - Check join date
    • /warp - Go to one of the 4 wild warps

    What Not to Do
    So If you’ve been following along, you have a pretty good idea of what tour guides should be doing, but what about what they shouldn’t be doing? Being a tour guide is an important job, and therefore, has some important guidelines. Make sure you follow these rules:

    • Do not use your position to advertise businesses. For example, if you own an apartment building, do not include that as a part of their tour. If they ask for directions to a shop, mall, apartment, or other business, you should show them at least 3 different options. If any of these is a business you are involved in, you should disclose that to the player being toured.
    • Do not stretch out your tour too long. At most, tours should last about 20 minutes. Players will be eager to get into the game, so give them a glimpse at life on BC and let them explore for themselves.
    • Do not end a tour before it’s finished. If you have an emergency and you absolutely cannot finish the tour, use the tour guide chat to find someone else to take over.
    • Do not break any server laws or rules. You are to set an example to other players on the server.

    That’s all for the guide. We look forward to working with you!

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