Bill: Accepted Killing Staff during Ticket Work

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  1. Matt

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    - Title: Killing staff during Ticket/Work
    - Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation): Creation
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: Some people think it's fun to kill any and all players at anytime as long as you cannot get punished for it. This meaning even killing staff members while they're trying to perform a task such as dealing with tickets and much more. I am proposing a punishment for players who think it is fun to do this.

    • First offense - Warning + Double Jail Time (10mins) + 2 Point Warning
    • Second offense - One (1) Week Ban
    • Third offense - Permanent Ban

    - Other Information: All suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

    Credits to this motion idea: SweetGamer23 in partnership with MP Matty707.

    Thank you.
  2. Matt

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    I see we have some likes. Anyone else have anymore questions or concerns? Ideas? If not, 24 hours has passed.
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  3. Matt

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  5. Gettnate

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    Reason for late voting: Absence due to family related

    I vote Aye for this bill