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    Hello people who read this. For start, I absolutely love this server and I have been playing for about 4 years now. But like everything and everyone, an end comes someday. I have made the decision to leave BC due to the fact that I will be taking a break from MC for a little while, and that means I won't be able to participate at all. The staff and community have been really awesome and helpful these past years and I would like to shout out to all. I got my entrepreneurship rank within the first year of playing and I have ran many small company's during my time / made lots of money. At one point, I had a business location in central Capitol City! But this past year, I have decided to retire in Westrige.

    This month, I noticed that Westrige was being removed and my whole retirement was being relocated. The relocation town, (Troutman) is awesome, cute, and wonderful place for players to live! I highly recommend it if your looking for a small town. But as I thought more, I knew that I would not be able to go any further.

    So starting today or tomorrow, I will be giving away my money and valuables to those in need.

    Comment below or DM me: #4006. I will be online today and tomorrow.
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    You will be missed, good luck in your future endeavours!
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    Best of luck on the future and i hope to see you pop-in on the community from time to time
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    Hey everyone, I have officially departed from BC. Hope everyone enjoys there time on Business Craft
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    sad to see you go back glad you'll come back and visit us!!! c:
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    We'll miss you, hope you can come back and visit every once in a while! Good luck wherever life takes you~ <3