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    Mar 23, 2017
    Greetings everyone.
    To engage with the community more and keep everyone more informed, I have decided to have these monthly government updates to inform you all on what the Government has done that month and what we are discussing/looking into. These will take place at the end of every month, starting from this month (May of 2018).

    1. Koalition's Inactivity
    I'm sure you all have noticed that I have not been as active as I usually am these last couple of weeks. I was busy with some situations in life, such as testing and traveling. I'm back now for the next two weeks but I'll be traveling once again in two weeks and probably won't be as active again during the period of June 10th until June 20th. During this time, I will look into having someone appointed as Acting Prime Minister (if necessary) who will resume all tasks and responsibilities.

    2. Airports
    The Cabinet has decided that the airport prices were too pricey. So we have dropped them by 35%. Now, the flight from Capital-Covington (and vice versa) is no longer K100, but K65.

    3. Doctor Warps
    Doctors are now able to warp to other city hospitals so they could help future patients quicker. It should go without saying that these warps are logged and monitored by Hospital Secretaries and that abusing these privileges will lead to disciplinary actions.

    4. Other Updates
    • DoC/photobooth is working on remodeling some parts of the hospital.
    • Cabinet will have a long meeting on Saturday, June 2nd, to discuss the state of the server and changes we can make. A summary/transcript may be posted afterwards.
    • We will be making changes to the DoJ because right now the Department doesn't have much use. Until we make those changes, no members shall be accepted as Police Officers.
    • We may be considering allowing specific dedicated and experienced players to have the ability to be employed by two government departments.
    • The pharmacy was rebuilt.