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    Mechanics focus on the creation, assembly, and distribution of vehicles. The Mechanic and the Manufacturer will be closely partnered. Mechanics will also need additional help from other titles like Brewers and Hunters to complete their recipes.

    While Manufacturers are the only titles with the ability to craft certain components of the vehicles such as Circuit Boards, Car Bodies, and Tires, only Mechanics can craft Engines, Oil, and assemble all the parts into cars and other vehicles. Anyone can craft some required parts to cars like Rubber* and Fuel.

    Upgrade Chips are a required part of each car recipe and can be purchased at the government car dealership. Only Mechanics are allowed to access the shop signs to purchase Upgrade Chips. There are 7 Upgrade Chips and each can be used to craft a unique car.


    Engine - Anvil, Freezing Water, Blast Furnace, Compass, Redstone Block (2), Electronic Device

    Car Body - Iron Block (3), Glass Block, Redstone Torch, Iron Door, Torch
    car body.png

    *Rubber is coming in a later update.

    Hubcap - Iron Trapdoor, Iron Nugget (4)

    Tires - Hubcap, Dried Kelp Block (8)

    Oil - Thick Potion, Charcoal

    Fuel - Fire Charge, Oil, Bucket

    Base Model (Undrivable) - Car Body, Engine, Fuel, Tires (2)
    car parts.png

    Car (Drivable) - Base Model, Upgrade Chip, Matching Dye
    driveable car.png
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