Act of Parliament Medical Expectations and Regulations

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    In a vote of 7-0, Parliament has resolved that:

    Section 1:

    Player expectations Subsection 1A: Refusal of Treatment
    If a player refuses medical treatment of an infectious disease an HS will ask a PO to imprison the player so that they can receive treatment. If the player spreads the disease to other players after refusing treatment they must pay for their medical treatment plus a 15kr fine. In addition, any government worker not in the medical field may refuse to serve a player with an infectious disease.

    Subsection 1B: Player Distribution of Cures Players are prohibited from distributing cures to other player's (Doctors, Hospital Secretaries, Admins, and Pharmacists* are the only ones exempt.). If a player is caught breaking this law, punishment will be as followed:
    - First Offense: 40 Krunas Fine per bottle.
    - Second Offense: 60 Krunas Fine per bottle + 15 minutes of Jail
    - Third Offense: 80 Krunas Fine per bottle + 30 minutes of Jail This includes Pharmacy Items *Pharmacists can only distribute pharmacist cures (See Subsection 1C)

    Subsection 1C: Pharmacists ---- People who have the pharmacist job are allowed to sell medical items outside of a government approved medical facility, they are excluded from the player distribution regulations as long as the item they are selling is in Pharmacist jurisdiction (Leg Splint, Bandage, Warm Gel, Soothing Potion), they are also allowed to sell pharmacy items in bulk.

    Subsection 1D: Faking Illness If a patient fakes a disease in an attempt to persuade Doctors to sell them cures that they don't need at the moment it is administered to them, then the punishment will be as followed: First Offense: 20 Krunas Fine Second Offense: 40 Krunas Fine + 5 minutes of Jail Third Offense: 60 Krunas Fine + 10 minutes of Jail' Subsection 1E: Conduct There will be no animals, vehicles, or weapons inside the hospital. Any violation will result in a HS asking a player to leave. If a player refuses to leave they will receive 5 minutes of jail time and a 15kr fine.(edited)

    Section 2:
    Doctor Expectations and Regulations Subsection 2A: Sale of Medical Objects outside an Approved government Facility

    Selling Medical remedies outside of any approved government medical facility is forbidden for all players and medical staff *. Any violation will result in the following repercussions:
    - First Offense: 5m jail time + 100kr fine + Removal of all medical remedies from players inventory or chests.
    - Second Offense: 10m jail time + 500kr fine + Removal of all medical remedies
    - Third Offense: 20m jail time + 750kr fine + Removal of all medical remedies + Fired from Department of Health with chance to re-acquire job (if applicable). Any further punishment required for medical staff will be on a case by case basis determined by the DoH minister. * Pharmacists are Partially exempt (See
    Subsection 1C)

    Subsection 2B: Doctors selling in Bulk Medical staff are forbidden from selling more than one cure to a patient in a single visit. (This would include items in the pharmacy since they are already available to be bought in bulk). If a Doctor or Hospital Secretary breaks this law, then they will be punished as followed:
    - First offense: Verbal Warning + Report to Hospital Secretaries or DoH minister
    - Second Offense: 40 Krunas Fine + Report to Hospital Secretaries or DoH minister
    - Third Offense: 80 Krunas Fine + Report to Hospital Secretaries or DoH minister If the DoH minister is found breaking this law, disciplinary action from the Prime Minister is required. Section 3: Medical Objects definition A "medical object" is anything that has to do with the creation, spread, and treatment of medical conditions and diseases. This includes medication, disease arrows, syringes, and other items that help create, spread, or cure medical conditions.

    Link to the bill can be found here: