Bill: Accepted MP Seat Vacancy

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    - Title: MP Seat Vacancy
    - Type: Edit to the Legislative Branch of BC's Government

    - Reasoning: When an MP leaves office, we need clear procedures on what to do. When this happens, the legislative body should be appointing a new member based on what the public want to be in office, not whatever the parliament wants.

    - Bill: In the event that a member of parliament becomes inactive for 2 or more weeks, resigns, leaves or is fired out of their position, the parliament will discuss potential members and will agree on with a majority vote before the public can vote the chosen candidate into office.

    Process of replacement:
    (1) ---------- MP resigns

    (2) --------- After the MP resigns, Parliament chooses, discusses and votes on a potential candidate chosen from the public pool. To pass, parliament members must vote a majority of ayes (5 ayes). If the vote passes, the candidate is informed of their candidacy by the Speaker. They must agree to the candidacy before Parliament can move onto the next step. If they say yes, Parliament continues to (3). If they say no, Parliament repeats (2) until a suitable candidate is found.

    (3) ------- The Speaker of Parliament announces the candidate in #gov-announcements and polls to the public open up (aye or nay) on the forums under the elections section. After 48 hours, polls close. If the ayes outvote the nays or a supermajority is reached (66% aye), the vote passes and parliament continues to (4). If the vote does not pass, the Speaker of Parliament announces the result to the public and goes back to (2) to repeat the process.

    (4) ------ The Speaker of Parliament announces on the forums election post and the discord the candidate that passed and is now officially a member of parliament!

    - Additional info: Thanks to the public for re-vamping this bill (slime, codes... etc) and giving your opinions on it.