Accepted Mr Innits Application to be a cool constutor


Age: 18
- Date joined server: Feb 2021
- Current playtime:39days
- Why do you want to be a Construction Intern:due to all jobs on the server I've had been a Police officer, Helper, EM, CC, Tourguide, many more but I've never tried to be a builder on the server and would love to try and be one with your team and belive I can bring a big part and push the Constutor department all the way to the top therefore I'd like you to look over my application and hope to consider my application
- What can you bring to the Department: teamwork
Good listening skills
Become Active for the team
Building skills
- Images of your builds (use or similar): don't know how but have sent pics to minister
- Additional Information
: Thanks for reading x
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