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    WARNING: WE ARE NOT HIRING. More info below
    Omega Northern
    Omega Northern is my new company, yay! (sidenote I hope this doesn't shut it's doors like the last one)

    What do we do?

    Good question! We are a renting company that allows you to rent out spaces of ours in our HQ for businesses to have a place to call their HQ or as a way to branch out your company. Each space costs 30 krunas per month.

    Important: None of our spaces are to be used in any way residentially. This includes but is not limited to, hotel rooms and apartments for personal/commercial use.
    However, we also are available to manage/advertise renting rooms for other companies, this might not make sense but basically, if you are renting out rooms in your HQ or other building but don't have a way to effectively advertise it, we are here to help! Costs for the advertisements depend on the situation.

    How can I get a space?

    Our HQ/renting building in South Capital City is under renovation (thank you to Super and Derp for supplying me the building) so we are taking pre-orders but we only have 3 available for pre-order. First come first serve basis. I will be taking pre-orders through my DMs on discord (Bangladesh150#1521) and through replies to this thread.

    Are we hiring?

    No, we are not, but I had to put that tag up so I can post this.

    If you have any questions please let me know via replies to this thread or my discord DMs aforementioned above.
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