Parliament Meeting - 07/14/19

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    Jul 6, 2018
    Note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Parliament had instead of definite plans for the future.
    Written by William_CTO and edited by Bangladesh150 & Libnah.

    Present: William_CTO, SpriteLymonade, JohnnyBoi12345, Ianhead1, Kairuchii, Dani99x, and DerpGaming20_YT
    Absent: None

    Topics Discussed:
    Overriding of Vetoed Criminal Record Availability
    i. Should we attempt to override the Prime Minister’s veto in favor of ease of access?
    ii. All in favor.
    Discuss Usury laws
    i. 10% Max, bill still needs to be proposed.
    Johnny reports he is still working on his Investor Protection bill

    Motions discussed:
    Williams edit to Limitations on Mall Shop Renting
    i. Clearly states punishments and procedure of removal.
    ii. All in favor, no edits made.
    DerpGaming20_YT's edit to Limitations on Mall Shop Renting
    i. Redefines ‘shop’ to ‘region’ to clarify intent and remove loopholes.
    ii. All in favor, no edits made.
    i. Makes it illegal to drop items on public ground for realism and to reduce server lag. Players can instead use disposal signs to dispose of their items. Furthermore, this offense may be punishable if a police officer sees a player littering.
    ii. Request that Dani rewrite it.
    iii. Needs to be edited to 20 krunas.
    iv. Will discuss next time.
    End Portal Region Prohibition
    i. Any prevention, obstruction, or by using any method that will make End Portals inaccessible is not allowed.
    ii. Split decision, will reconvene next meeting.