Parliament Meeting - 09/27/19

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    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Parliament had instead of definite plans for the future.
    Notes taken by Taelor and edited by sparkleA.


    Ianhead1, Jaynormous, kbooth1102, Taelor, William_CTO (late)
    Absent: _Info_, TheMightyZulf

    Topics Discussed

    Voting Issues

    i. Discussed the frustration with some MPs not voting in a timely fashion or at all on bills.
    ii. Resolved that TheMightyZulf and William_CTO would receive a warning point for failure to vote.
    iii. Speaker kbooth1102 has decided that since The Limitation of Employment in Gov’t Branches bill lacked several voters, it must be put up for a revote.

    Working with Cabinet
    i. Taelor: proposed joint meeting with Cabinet
    ii. kbooth1102: suggested a formal list as a means of communication rather than a joint meeting.

    Rules and Laws formatting edit
    i. Has been approved by Cabinet, currently waiting for Koal.
    ii. He will review all laws in the coming days.

    i. Cabinet has not yet moved forward with the proposed plans.
    ii. Possibly reintroduce law requiring ATMs, if no action after Cabinet meeting.

    i. Specific roles can break certain blocks (e.g. only farmers can break farming blocks). Would add new permissions.
    ii. Limit who can seek what to specific roles as well as add new roles.

    Parliament documents
    i. Move Parliament notes/documents to the BusinessCraft Google account so they are in a safe place.
    i. Discussed PMQs being messaged directly to the Speaker
    ii. Estimated update date?
    iii. Questions:
    - What are you hoping to see come from the new DoE and DoBD, now that they are separate?
    - What projects are the DoC currently working on and when can citizens expect to see these completed?
    - Would certain government departments that don’t have secretaries benefit from them?
    - Can the PM commit to a maximum of 7 days review for newly passed bills?
    - The premature vehicle buy-back program has caused hardship for players due to a lack of transportation. When will the bus routes be expanded to towns?

    Bills Discussed

    Supermarket Limitation
    i. Some people are buying out the entire aisle of food in the supermarket, so putting a limitation on how many chests one can rent per section would lead to more people being active in the grocery store and less so in other food shops.
    ii. Each chest shop in the grocery store is 1 double chest. Limiting this to 2 per section would be an adequate amount for sellers.
    iii. The aisles could be extended to provide more space.
    iv. Will suggest to Cabinet an extension of the potato section as well as possible limitations to the chest shops.
    Rejected bills
    i. Change to 14 days before a rejected bill can be revived. 30 days is a bit excessive due to Parliament term length only being 60 days.
    ii. 14 days is an appropriate amount of time to get feedback and adjust any rejected bills so that they may be passed.
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