Parliament Meeting - 10/5/2019

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    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Parliament had instead of definite plans for the future.
    Notes taken by Taelor and edited by Taelor.


    Present: Kbooth1102, Taelor, Jaynormous, William, TheMightyZulf, IanHead1(L)
    Absent: _Info_

    Topics Discussed

    Outstanding Accepted Bills
    i. Koal needed to get on and accept them.
    Laws without penalties. How can we address it over the next week?
    i. There were several traffic laws that needed to be adjusted/given penalties.
    ii. Some argued that since we don't have cars, we didn't need to worry about it right now.
    ii. Majority said we should just handle it now to stay proactive for when the new plugin comes.
    iv. Working on laws now.
    Rules and Laws Reformatting.
    i. Weird bug about drop downs that won't stay dropped down
    ii. Can only have 7 drop downs.
    "Wrongful dismissal" and "right to fire employee" contradiction
    i. Remove wrongful dismissal: irrelevant and contradictory
    Government system change?
    i. Some people of the general server have expressed that they want the government system adjusted or changed in terms of voting, term limits, etc. Some even suggested parliament take a break.
    ii. Parliament discussed this and decided we would see how next parliamentary session goes as this session has been unusually "rough".

    Approval ratings
    i. not too accurate because some people didn't take it seriously

    Motions Discussed

    Parliamentary Process Amendment Act
    i. Brings 30 days to 14 days to reintroduce a bill if needed.
    ii. Unanimous at the moment
    Limitations to Mall Shop Renting Amendment Act
    i. Remove restriction on how many stores someone can have at the city mall
    ii. Currently the bill states you can only own 2 regions within the city mall but if you and a friend buy 4 in a row you could knock down the walls and make it into one big store as long as each individual only owns 2 regions.
    iii. If not all the stalls are rented, why are we restricting them?
    iv. We're working on "decentralizing" the capital city mall in that we want to allow other small shops and towns/cities to have business as well. Trying to make other businesses grow and not be so focused on the mall.
    Writers Content Limitation Removal Act
    i. Getting rid of any restrictions on writers.
    Removal of City Requirements Act
    i. Remove people having to have civic centers (ie: event centers, sports centers, etc.)
    Parking Space Regulation Removal Act
    i. We don’t know what this is for so we’re getting rid of it.
    Griefing Amendment Act
    i. Ian: said he could do “cpublic”
    ii. Currently, the bill states that players can't "lock doors" specifically. However, mods/staff have been enforcing players unlawfully locking chests as well.
    iii. Discussed the plugin that does autolock chests, furnaces, etc. and how that would not be unlawful.
    iv. Adjusting the law to cover unlawfully locking others' chests as well as doors, furnaces, etc. This would encompass ALL buildings, not just government buildings.
    vi. Parliament members were confused about this law before discussing it and some had already cast their vote on the forum so we reset the poll and did a revote now that we were all on the same page.
    Allowing only Farmers to Sell Crops Amendment Act
    i. Currently, POs can't give penalties for other players selling crops if they're not a farmer.
    ii. Sstaff is going to assume jurisdiction of the farmer's sales exclusivity. Staff will give out punishments as fit.
    End Portal Protection-Obstruction Repeal
    i. Can’t region them anyway so doesn’t need to be staff restricted
    ii. Would take a lot to actually obstruct an end portal
    Minimum Wage Repeal
    i. Don’t find it very relevant
    ii. If you aren’t paying enough, why would people work for you? #Scam
    iii. A lot of people do commission anyway
    iv. Company plugin broken - no fix atm
    Frivolous Case Compromise Amendment Act
    i. If there’s a frivolous case and someone disputes on it, the parliament has to vote on it, then the cabinet has to vote on it.
    ii. We don’t think it’s the parliament or cabinet’s job to get in on it, and it should stick to the judiciary branch.
    iii. 3 : 1 agree it should be changed.
    Drunk Driving Amendment Act
    i. No punishment at the moment
    ii. This law adds a 60kr fine.
    Dynmap Markers Act?
    i. DoBD private billboards, purchase a dynmap marker?
    ii. Suggesting it to doc. Doesn’t need a law
    iii. Doc says “too much spam on dynmap cause capital will be swarmed”.
    iv. Bought on store as donation item = perk? (Ian)