Parliament Meeting | Dec. 23, 2019

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    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Parliament had instead of definite plans for the future.
    Notes taken by Kbooth1102 and edited by Taelor.

    Meeting Date: December 23, 2019; 1:00 am EST

    Present: Speaker: Anonymous_063, Jaynormous, Codes320, Dusy_3, Kbooth1102

    Absent: Bharatj, VelvetKitty

    Topics Discussed
    Review of roles:
    » Speaker to put bills forward to vote in groups.
    » MPs to keep availability updated on timesheet in order to plan for maximum attendance at meetings.
    » Group Google document for PMQ questions. Speaker will then be able to read absentee questions.​

    Executive Questions:
    » EQ in early January
    » Similar to PMQs but for ministers instead of the prime minister.​

    Bills Discussed
    Government Efficiency Bill - Kbooth1102
    » Ministers need to respond to a government application within 30 days of its posting. This maintains fairness to the player.

    Toxic Player Bill - Kbooth1102

    » Implement a guideline, not a definition, for staff on toxicity.

    Rename Business City to Capitol City - Codes320

    » Everyone calls it Capitol City
    » Problem arose around the reasoning problem. Perhaps just formally change the name and dynmap marker and just leave the region as businesscity?
    » Will be counterintuitive to decentalisation.
    » Alternatively, we ask staff to change the dynmap marker to Business City in favor of its name and decentralisation.
    » Propose cabinet rename Business City (due to problems with regioning, region names will stay the same).
    » “Parliament would like to propose that Cabinet rename Business City. Everyone calls it Capital City due to the dynmap marker conflicting with its formal name, business city. The regioning names will remain the same due to complications in adjusting that. This would aid with decentralisation. Business City is quite unrealistic. E.g. Washington, London, Canberra are all capital cities. ”
    » Carried 4:0
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    Wait a minute... The biggest problem is the name of a city?
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    Do you have any other issues you'd like discussed?