Parliament Meeting | July 5th 2021

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    Parliament Meeting of Stratham
    Monday, July 5th

    This document contains the ideas that were discussed during the parliaments meeting. Everything discussed in this meeting is not set and stoned.

    Reforming Police Officer Position:
    Parliament is interested in working on expanding the police officer position by introducing new features. Bringing banks to the city for police officers to protect from criminals trying to rob it. Trying to make the position feel more RP-like for player experiences. Adjusting the speed of police vehicles to match the more expensive cars. Giving the police officer new equipment such as stun guns when chasing down criminals. Lower their permissions when it comes to doing /handcuff and making the position feel more cops and robbers. Also, parliament would like to introduce RP laws such as illegal weapons and drugs. Of course, these ideas/suggestions would be discussed and agreed upon by the Department of Justice Minister.

    Electable Prime Minister:
    For a long time in BC history, the Prime Minister has always been appointed by the President. Discussing the possibility of making the Prime Minister position elected from the votes of the citizens of Stratham. The legislation will have to be introduced to prevent corruption from trollish individuals. Taking a look at how much power the Prime Minister has and possibly reducing them a small amount due to the position being voted on by the public. This change would be a big change within our government and would require approval from the President.

    Official Deputy Ministers:
    Allowing Department Ministers to select Deputy Ministers. This would give the Ministers the ability to step down if they go on break or vacation and have the deputy take over for them for a certain period of time. It would be up to the Minister what permissions the Deputy receives. Bringing up the idea if deputy ministers should be given permission to cabinet chat, this is highly unlikely.

    Deputy Speaker of Parliament:
    Introducing a new position within Parliament. The Deputy Speaker would be assigned with doing monthly parliament reports on bills passed and future legislation coming. Attending parliament meetings and arranging the notes and posting them. This position would be chosen by the Speaker.

    Department of City Relations:
    Renaming the Department of City Relations (DoCR) to the Department of Relations (DoR) as this department oversees cities and foreign affairs. This name idea has been suggested by the people as well.

    Yacht Plots:
    Asking the Department of Construction to send Property Inspectors to check inactive owners. Figuring out a way for citizens to buy yachts or yacht regions, would give the government another source of income from region costs.

    National Holidays:
    Celebrating certain important dates throughout Stratham history. Parliament is interested in what the citizens would like to celebrate and what days.

    Mayors in Cabinet:
    Cabinet holds the main power over cities. Should mayors be given the ability to vote on changes towards cities.

    Removal of The Grocery Store:
    The cabinet is working on putting a Bus Depot where the grocery store is located. There is no estimated time when this will be built but near future. This was recommended by a citizen.
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