Parliament Meetings - 06/22 & 06/27

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    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Parliament had instead of definite plans for the future.
    Notes taken by William_CTO and edited by sparkleA.


    Bangladesh150, DerpGaming20_YT, Johnnyboi12345, SpriteLymonade, supersuperking, William_CTO
    Absent: Kairuchii (06/27/19 Meeting)

    Topics Discussed

    Adjustment of PvP laws
    i. New offenses suggested for unconsented PvP.
    - 1st: 10 min jail + K40 fine
    - 2nd: 30 min jail + K100 fine
    - 3rd: 60 min jail + K200 fine.
    ii. Jail should be a safe zone to prevent murders in jail. Need to refer to Cabinet.
    Usury laws
    i. 10% maximum interest on loans.
    Prime Minister elections
    i. Given the DPM's job duties, agreed that DPM could be elected from Cabinet.
    ii. Will discuss in detail at the next meeting.
    Edit to The Sherlock Accords
    i. Issue with bill where it doesn't apply to current government members.
    ii. New motion will be made to correct this.
    Parliament Secretary vote
    i. William_CTO elected Parliament Secretary 4:0.
    Client Based Project Motion
    i. Determined to not be Parliament jurisdiction.

    Motions Discussed

    Lawsuit Creation Clarification
    i. To create a lawsuit one must provide evidence in opening statement either in the form of a screenshot or unmodified logs. This is to prevent cases from being useless and wasting Judges' time.
    ii. Should be an edit to frivolous case law.
    Press Pass
    i. In order to increase transparency and stimulate the growth of news companies, a "press pass" of sorts will be made. To obtain a pass, the player will need to first meet some requirements, TBD.
    ii. Press Passes are valid for one term, after which the player must reapply.
    iii. Parliament can have a majority vote to revoke the pass.
    iv. Should be from a company with a newsstand.
    v. One writer per company.
    Unconsented Death Lawsuits Modification
    i. There are many unconsented death lawsuits in the courthouse, most of which show a screenshot that the plaintiff was killed in a city plot. Since those are really simple, there is no reason for judges to get involved.
    ii. Change to allow logs as well.
    Public Water Fountains
    i. Most agree that water is a basic right and should be freely available to as many people as possible. So, water fountains should be located at every safe zone (spawn, university, all hospitals) and one in every registered town/city square or entrance.
    Advertisement Edit
    i. As advertisement laws are fairly harsh, under this bill, if someone posts an unapproved BC-related Discord. they will be punished more leniently.
    ii. Proposed first offense one warning point only.
    Apartment Laws Edit
    i. Remove need for a bed, double chest, crafting table, and 2 furnaces in apartments as it is outdated.
    Criminal Record Availability
    i. Currently, there is no way for a player to know what information is on their criminal records recorded by the Department of Justice.
    ii. This bill will allow any player to request that any Police Officer give them a certain part of their own criminal record. The Police Officer would be required to give them the information.
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    If you're going to take 40 krunas from a player for their first offense, then you should make it abundantly clear in the tutorial room that PvP is not allowed ( more than just a tiny note on one of the information pop-ups). Because to be honest, that's just an "I don't want to play this dumb server" kind of red flag for new players that haven't read the laws.
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    Yeet but Not Parliament jurisdiction to change the tutorial, I think it is DoCe under Education Department.
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    Jul 16, 2017
    I'm just saying. Jailing a new player without knowing the consequences is just going to take away their interest into this server.
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  6. Yes the tutorial is my department area. My stance is ignorance is not an excuse for not reading the!laws/rules. However those people that commit unwanted pvp within 10 minutes of joining are normally the ones that run through the tutorial. With all that said we’ll consider adding it