Parliamentary Term Lengths

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What is the ideal parliamentary term length?

  1. 2 months

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  2. 3 months

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  3. 4 months

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  1. Codes320

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    Jan 8, 2019
    We're coming to an end of BC's first 4-month long parliamentary term. This was a huge shift from the previous 2-month term system. I will say that there were some advantages and some disadvantages. Having a longer parliamentary term meant that we had more time to iron out the kinks in our dynamic, as it basically takes about a month to do that in any parliament. However, I feel like the term kind of dragged on, and especially in the last month, people started caring less about parliament. I think that the excitement of elections is what keeps MPs on their toes, knowing that they always have to be ready for an election.

    To get to the point of this post, I'd like to suggest we find a balance between the old system and the new one. I think 3 months would be an ideal length for a term, as it would allow parliament enough time to figure out how everything works, while also making elections just a bit more frequent. However, before I officially post the bill, I want to hear your opinion on this idea. Should we change the term length, or is it fine as is? Let me know.
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  2. Luxaholic

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    Mar 23, 2017
    I agree, MP's tend to get lazier as the term goes on and less interested in the position, I think 2 month terms were good, if things move slowly in parliament i think the solution is to fix those issues, not extend the term. A 2 month term ensures diversity as well and gets newer players more involved in the server since being an MP is within anyones reach, and knowing a new election is only a month away rather than say, 3, is more motivating to work on ideas and commit to the server.
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