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    Speaker Anonymous_063: I invite the Prime Minister to enter the chamber. Welcome Sir.

    Prime Minister Koalition: Thanks

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Welcome to the PMQ. I will be residing over today's session. As speaker, I relinquish my ability to ask questions, besides this one: what has the government done since last PMQ?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Hello everyone, thanks for coming to the first PMQs of 2020. As you know it's been quite a while since the last session so let me cover some things that happened: A lot of fun events have been held and we have welcomed new members to the cabinet and saw one depart. The airplane ticket prices have been dropped by 20 Krunas in order to promote travel between cities while the vehicle plugin is still being developed. We also implemented buses that lead to other towns AND cities from the capital. We continue to work on other projects, most notable the decentralization of the capital and will soon be releasing new jobs. As cherry on top, we have new decorations around the capital city alongside holiday-themed decorative heads in the government shop. Thank you.

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Thank Prime Minister. I would like to invite each MP to ask their three questions.

    MP Kbooth1102: I’d like to start by commending the Dept. Construction for the implementation of the bus services to and from the Towns and Cities around the server. Could the Prime Minister please further provide Parliament with an update on the status of construction projects currently being planned and or completed by the Department of Construction. Namely the new hub.

    Prime Minister Koalition: The minister is currently on vacation for the next two weeks nearly so most progress will be halted and has been halted. However, the construction of the new spawn hub is coming to an end thankfully. And we are very proud of the new design

    MP Kbooth1102: Fantastic. When can the people expect the nomination of a new DoPA Minister and the Minister without portfolio to fill the vacancies in Cabinet? Why is there no one appointed temporarily?

    Prime Minister Koalition: The departure of the previous Minister was quite sudden and we weren't prepared for it. We're on the lookout for a new minister, even on a temporary basis. For now, a new minister without portfolio isn't our top priority either. But all cabinet ministers are always on the lookout for new recruits to the cabinet

    MP Kbooth1102: and finally: When can we expect the Town Mayor roles to be implemented per last cabinet meeting notes?

    Prime Minister Koalition: The Mayor roles already exist on forums and provide just a dark green banner but are only given to Mayors of Cities. The same will be implemented for Discord and it will be done after today's PMQs

    MP Kbooth1102: to confirm, that was also for town mayors as per cabinet notes?

    Prime Minister Koalition: We are still debating whether town mayors should also be included in the role
    And the Cabinet and Parliament will be voting on this later today in the #cabinet-and-parliament chat

    MP Kbooth1102: Thank you Mr Prime Minister.

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Thank you. Now I would like to invite bharatj to ask questions.

    MP bharatj: Once again, I'd like to welcome you to the Parliament Chamber Mr. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Koalition: Thanks Minister

    MP bharatj: My first question is: When can we expect to see a mayor chat on the discord? I know you've already hinted to this answer but I'd like to confirm

    Prime Minister Koalition: As I just said, it can be expected to be done after this session after Cabinet and Parliament members discuss whether town mayors should also be included in this role/chat or only mayors of cities

    MP bharatj: Great, my second question for you is: What are some of the ways other than the new spawn hub that cabinet plans to decentralize?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Well we just added more ways to travel to other cities, of course with the move of spawn to a universal hub where people choose their desired destination.These are the main ideas and ways forward but we can always debate more ideas in the future once we finish and implement the ones I just mentioned

    MP bharatj: Alright, thank you

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Thank you. I would like to invite VelvetKitty to ask questions

    MP Velvetkitty: The government mall is almost empty, will the government consider repurposing the building?

    Prime Minister Koalition: We currently don't have any plans for the mall but thank you for bringing this up, I'll mention it to the rest of Cabinet and the DoE/DoBD Minister and we'll see what ideas they can come up with

    MP Velvetkitty: Ok thank you. It seems as though decisions are only finalized in cabinet at cabinet meetings. Would a cabinet secretary role not increase the efficiency of cabinet? It’s often that we hear from cabinet members that a topic was discussed and nothing came of it, or it was forgotten about. How will the PM address this issue?.

    Prime Minister Koalition: We always appoint a cabinet secretary or some type of note keeper (usually the DoPA Minister) to then have notes for us and the public. Truth be told, we never forget about things, we have a long to-do list where some things just take priority: But everything is well documented and written down.

    MP Velvetkitty: Ok, thank you. And finally, As we all know, the company plugin is currently not functioning. What are the next steps for this vital plugin on this server?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you for asking. We're always looking at new and better plugins and unfortunately we weren't able to find anything as of right now. I may assign the DoBD department to look into drafting a new plugin and then I will use that to hire

    MP Velvetkitty: Ok, thank you Mr Prime Minister.

    Prime Minister Koalition: a plugin developer to write a custom plugin for our server. I also invite all citizens to help find new plugins and then suggest them on forums (once they are back)

    MP Kbooth1102: Here here

    MP Velvetkitty: Here here

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Thank you. I will ask a question from Codes since codes is absent: What are your plans to help grow the server’s community as a whole?

    Prime Minister Koalition: By providing more opportunities and enable more things for players to do, we will bring in new players. Also fix the standard so new players can actually connect :-) Of course, continue to listen to players and their suggestions and add things most want to see in order to make the server more enjoyable and of course maybe some paid ads and more traffic to our social media and trailer :]

    Speaker Anonymous_063: :) Thank you. This question from Codes may already been covered but want to clarify: Will we see intra city bus routes in other cities?

    Prime Minister Koalition: At this time we don't have plans to do this considering the size of the capital cannot be compared to other cities at this stage and most other cities are also privately owned whereas the buses would be operated by the government

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Thank you. These questions are from Dusty since he is absent as well: There has been an increase in centralization among cabinet members, removing powers from their subordinate secretaries in favor of doing the job themselves.

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Would you say that this decreases player engagement in politics and has led to a decline in Government efficiency?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I tend to allow Ministers to run their departments in the best way they see fit, as long as the department does the job it needs. Of course this makes ministers lead departments, either different or the same one, in another way from other ministers or their predecessors. I would love it if the actual employees of the department participated more in the progress of the department.
    Prime Minister Koalition: and will see what can be done about this. Most notably the event hosting in DoPA

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Thank you. This question comes from Jay since Jay is absent as well: Will we see more activity from the Prime Minister in the New Year?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Of course, as I announced I am now back. I was busy since September but I have some time off now that I can give to the server and concentrate on its development.

    Speaker Anonymous_063: Thank you Prime Minister Koalition for coming. This PMQ is adjourned.

    *Note: Transcript has been altered to exclude non-PMQ related comments as well as reformatted.