Prime Minister Question Transcript - November 16, 2019

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    Aug 9, 2019
    Speaker IanHead1: I hearby call upon the Prime Minister to enter the chamber and answer questions from Members of Parliament.
    I call this session to order. As I will be moderating today’s event, I relinquish my ability to ask the Prime Minister any questions, besides this one: Prime Minister, what has the government done within the last two weeks?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Hello everyone. I’m so glad we were able to host a PMQ again. It’s been a while. As you know from my latest announcements, I was unfortunately busy with a lot of private affairs and was not able to do much progress. I recently came back and had a survey to collect a lot of useful information both the server administration and the government will be acting upon. The government has completed the following: A new building for the department of justice has been built near the existing government complex, farmer job has been improved with the addition of the sickle plugin, the government has introduced smoking pipes for all citizens, and continued the private billboards program with the updated image on item frames plugins. Thanks.
    Also increased the wages of government employees and increased the banknote limit from 300 to 500.

    Speaker IanHead1: Thank you Prime Minister. I call upon DoctorThunder7. You have 3 questions.

    Member DoctorThunder7: Will the government add gun powder to the governmentt shop. Since players cant keep up with the demand.

    Prime Minister Koalition: At this time we have no plans on adding gunpowder to the government shop, as we want to keep the basic things there only. If there is a big demand for gunpowder, I’m sure an entrepreneur can take advantage of that and make a large profit.

    Member DoctorThunder7: Any chance on allowing known business owners to either purchase Dynmap markers with in game or irl money?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you for bringing that up. I believe that’s a good idea and definitely something cabinet should introduce. So yes, we will work on that.

    Member DoctorThunder7: Last question for me. I hate wasted space, so any plans on the space around the airport. Like adding a simple park/forest?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I will talk to the Minister of Construction who I’m sure will utilize the space. But it isn’t high priority at the moment.

    Speaker IanHead1: Thank you Doctor, I call upon SeanPotatoKing. You have 3 questions.

    Member SeanPotatoKing: 1st question: do you think the DoC will consider naming all roads/highways/streets?

    Prime Minister Koalition: This was a proposed idea and we are thinking about that, but it'll take a lot of work to name and reorganize the capital city by names instead of plot numbers which get changed as players merge plots. So I’m sure the most important roads and streets will be named but definitely not all.

    Member SeanPotatoKing: Thank you. Okay. 2nd question. When do you think towns will get a bus service, if at all?

    Prime Minister Koalition: They will! We plan to do it by the end of November. :)

    Member SeanPotatoKing: Sounds great. 3rd question: Why is it that only a select few apartments have the Dynmap marker, affording the owners unfair competition?

    Prime Minister Koalition: The markers are very old and were added to help guide new players to an area where there generally are a lot of apartments. Not specific to a single apartment complex or renter.

    Member SeanPotatoKing: I see. Thank you for your time.

    Prime Minister Koalition: Of course.

    Speaker IanHead1: Thank you Sean, I call upon Taelor. You have 3 questions.

    Member Taelor: When can the citizens of the server expect the new jobs to be implemented?

    Prime Minister Koalition: As soon as they are ready to be implemented which I’m hoping will be within a month.

    Member Taelor: Thank you. Next question: Will cabinet replace the /suicide command with the original bill for an ambulance warp? Cabinet notes suggested this was unnecessary, however it would increase realism and stop teleportation through /suicide.

    Prime Minister Koalition: Well we don’t plan on adding an ambulance warp. And while /suicide can be used to teleport, it still costs a few Kr to issue the command in the first place. Farm more expensive than to just go to /spawn and take the bus to the hospital in my opinion. But cabinet will review all suggestions to make the server as realistic and fun as possible.

    Member Taelor: Thank you last question. Can you give a brief update on construction projects such as the hub and the building across from the current spawn and such? Is there a way to speed up the process?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I spoke with the Construction Minister yesterday who is having similar distractions like I am. I will see that we get other members of the DoC to help with the construction process. But it’s mostly the minister who is responsible for these main things. As for the updates; the DoJ got a new building yesterday, the hub is half way done and the buses to other cities/towns are nearly completed as well. The building opposite of spawn needs to have the interior finalized and the cabinet needs to finalize the purpose of the building too.

    Member Taelor: Awesome thank you.

    Speaker IanHead1: Thank you Taelor, I have two questions from member of the public. Firstly, there has been a lot of talk of crossbows, guns, and other weapons other than bows. With the new smoking pipes, do you think we will ever have these other things implemented as well?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Cabinet is very much split on the topic of guns, just like the player-base. At the moment we have no plans of implementing that feature. However, nothing is being ruled out and there is no definite stance on this.

    Speaker IanHead1: Alright thank you last question is will the government be willing more cabinet and judicial positions?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Of course, we are always observing potential candidates for positions.

    Speaker IanHead1: Alright, I lied, one last question. There is talks about players wanting the player boarder expanded, is this something to look forward to?

    Prime Minister Koalition: At the moment we have no plans of expanding the world boarder, considering the vast majority of the land inside is yet to be explored.

    Speaker IanHead1: Alright, thank you prime minister. Thank you everybody. This session has been adorned.