Prime Minister Questions Transcript - 09/28/19

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    Please note: This is the complete chat log of 09/28 PMQs. In no way shape or form was these chat transcripts altered. It is advised to read these transcripts in light mode.

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: I hereby call upon the Prime Minister to enter the chamber and answer questions from Members of Parliament.
    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: I call this session to order. As I will be moderating today’s event, I relinquish my ability to ask the Prime Minister any questions, besides this one: Prime Minister, what has the government done within the last two weeks?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you Speaker Kbooth. Let me start the address by commending RapterSonic for creating the server’s trailer. He won the competition a few month’s back and has worked with the Department of Public Affairs on finalizing the trailer.
    Prime Minister Koalition: The trailer has been posted on BusinessCraft’s new YouTube channel that will be managed by the DoPA.
    Prime Minister Koalition: I encourage all Citizens to watch the trailer, and of course leave positive reviews and comments. I also want to bring the latest Cabinet Member Replacement Survey advertised by me that has helped gain some insight on how members of the community view individual Cabinet Ministers.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Some good points were raised in that survey, and I have messaged each Minister privately to discuss the feedback I received concerning them.
    Prime Minister Koalition: In the last two weeks the Government has finalized the DoCE split. The new Department of Employment has created a new protocol for Property Inspectors when evicting players and revised the Tour Guide script.
    Prime Minister Koalition: I want to commend the actions of Minister Danielw_ and his newly established team for working on all of these tasks efficiently and swiftly.
    Prime Minister Koalition: The Red bus at the hospital has now been officially moved closer to the entrance of the hospital and the new bus depot that will be operational soon.
    Prime Minister Koalition: The Department of Health is working on a new protocol for its Secretaries, and the Department of Business Development is making progress with private billboards and is brainstorming banking and insurance regulations.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: Thank you for the update MR Prime Minister. As no members are present, I will be asking their questions on their behalf today.What are you hoping to see come for the new DoE and DoBD, now that they’re separate?

    Prime Minister Koalition: More efficiency and organization. The DoCE was one big department with a lot to handle for one individual Minister.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Now we have 2 of 2 different departments that can collaborate. And each of them can now focus on the smaller tasks of each department

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: What projects are the DoC currently working on and when can citizens expect to see them completed?

    Prime Minister Koalition: The main one is the bus depot. Pretty much the same projects like last PMQs; new hospital, capitol, etc.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Whenever they get completely set up and completed, they will be rolled out. No specific time frame.

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: Now, certain govt departments have chosen not to employ secretaries... Would they not benefit from them if they were implemented?

    Prime Minister Koalition: [someone should post this on #pol-dis]
    Prime Minister Koalition: I give my Ministers free will when it comes to building their team and employing citizens. So, should they not think some particual member should be in their department, or at the time don’t have a need for more secretaries it’s within their right to decline the applications.
    Prime Minister Koalition: I also want to point out that quality comes before quantity, so just because a spot is empty doesn’t mean it needs to be filled as soon as possible by the first applicant. Instead all of my Ministers, myself included, choose the best player possible for every position

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: Thank you for the insight. There has again been a recent buildup of accepted bills passed by parliament. This inhibits Parliament’s ability to pass laws.Can the PM commit to a maximum of 7 days review for newly passed bills?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Honestly, no. Real life comes first and sometimes I may be busy for a longer time and unable to look at the accepted bills.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Of course, should that happen, my Deputy usually takes my role in an acting capacity. But still, we always try to review them as fast as possible.

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: The premature vehicle buy-back program has caused hardship for players due to a lack transportation. When will the bus routes be expanded to towns? Will this come with the opening of the bus depot?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Yes. The bus depot will be open as soon as possible and will be another method of transportation.

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: What measures is cabinet taking on improving the server’s current economic state?

    Prime Minister Koalition: The DoBD is looking into banking and insurance management as well as promoting player-run businesses and the DoE is working on new jobs that will give players access to new methods of earning money.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Further economic policy will be discussed at a cabinet meeting which will happen soon.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Also, with the upcoming 1.13 update we will have new features introduced to increase the efficiency of some jobs

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: Can you elaborate on a timeframe for when players can expect that update Mr Prime Minister?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Well, that’s more of a server owner question, but I’ll do it anyway. I realize we have been dragging it out for some time now and I’m hoping to get it done either this or next weekend.
    Prime Minister Koalition: With the help of my Senior Admins.

    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: Fantastic
    Speaker of Parliament kbooth1102: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule Mr Prime Minister. Thank you everybody. This session has been adjourned.