Prime Minister Questions Transcripts - 08/24/19

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    Please note: This is the complete chat log of 08/24 PMQs. In no way shape or form was these chat transcripts altered. It is advised to read these transcripts in Light mode.

    Speaker of Parliament William: Good Morning!
    Speaker of Parliament William: I hereby call upon the Prime Minister to enter the chamber and answer questions from Members of Parliament.
    Speaker of Parliament William: I call this session to order. As I will be moderating today's event, I relinquish my ability to ask the Prime Minister any questions, besides this one: Prime Minister, what has the Government done within the last two weeks?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Good day everyone. The Government has done a range of things within the last two weeks.
    Prime Minister Koalition: From the DoC building a new terrain of mountains behind the government building, to the DoPA hosting a parliamentary debate.
    Prime Minister Koalition: DoCE has worked on private billboards for players and has 5 new jobs in the works.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Some inactive members of the departments have been let go and we have increased the number of officers to patrol the streets and keep our citizens safe.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you Mr. Speaker.

    Speaker of Parliament William: Thank you, Prime Minister. I call upon kbooth1102. You have 3 questions.

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: What will cabinet be doing to maintain the confidence of the people and parliament following recent criticisms and growing dissatisfaction with cabinet?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I am not sure which criticism you are mentioned, however I believe the recent bill that had both efforts from Ministers and MPs regarding the clarification of the powers of each branch will help ease the confusion of players.
    Prime Minister Koalition: And let me remind everyone that the cabinet has always and will always serve in the interest of the people and make sure the server is enjoyable and fair.
    Prime Minister Koalition: You have mentioned*

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: Thank you Mr Prime Minister. What projects are the DoC currently working on and when can citizens expect to see these completed?

    Prime Minister Koalition: The DoC has started on many projects. Currently, the department is working on building a terrain of mountains around the Capital city.
    Prime Minister Koalition: They are also working on a new spawn hub near the trailer park as well as improvements to the newly established government city - West wood.
    Prime Minister Koalition: A stadium has also been built for the DoPA that will be located in that city.

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: When can citizens expect to see these completed? was the remainder of the Q.

    Prime Minister Koalition: Current the mountains are the priority and then the new spawn hub. Should be done within the next couple of weeks if everything goes according to the current construction plan.

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: Finally, Can the PM please explain why doctors are taking extra fees that are assigned for the purchase of medical materials, that are already pre-made, at the expense of the patient? What will the cabinet do to address this issue?

    Prime Minister Koalition: At the very beginning of the creation of the DoH as well as the installation of the Disease plugin, it was always designed that Doctors MAKE these remedies rather than just pick them up from already pre-made ones and charge patients based on the ingredients that go in those remedies, making some cheaper and some more expensive.
    Prime Minister Koalition: There are no plans to address this, as these potions are not spawned in but rather crafted by any member of the DoH.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Therefore the doctors still need to or needed to pay for these materials in order to craft the remedies.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Hence why patients will be charged for them according to the current system.

    Speaker of Parliament William: I call upon TheMightyZulf. You have 3 questions.

    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: i do. my first question: When is the earliest we can expect the addition of new exam jobs?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I cannot give an exact time frame. I'd like to repeat what I said once: We like to take time with implementing anything new as we want to make sure we set up everything correctly.
    Prime Minister Koalition: So as soon as we have worked out everything and make sure it works without any errors, it'll be released.

    Member of Parliament
    TheMightyZulf: understood. my next question is: Are there any plans to expand the current judiciary system our government follows?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I believe that's a question for your Parliamentary colleagues, as that's not within cabinet's jurisdiction.

    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: i see. Finally, i ask a question many have been asking for a while now: Are there any updates as of yet on the timing of our move into 1.13?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I had hoped it would have been this weekend but we are pushing it back. This is more of a server administration question and not a PM question but i'll elaborate.
    Prime Minister Koalition: We set up a test server with all the updated plugins on 1.13.2 and a few of the important plugins are broken so we are currently looking into that.
    Prime Minister Koalition: As soon as we work it out, the server will be updated.

    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: thank you.

    Speaker of Parliament William: Thank you, Koal. I have a special request to be made.
    Speaker of Parliament William: Can I call upon another MP to ask _Info_ and Derp's questions?
    Speaker of Parliament William: Considering this PMQ was rather small?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Not another MP but you can convey their questions sure.

    Speaker of Parliament William: _Info_: Is there anything in the works regarding incentive programs for businesses to employ more people?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Yes, the DoCE is working on a system where businesses register with the government so we could keep track of them which will also expand into incentive programs and other potential programs that will help entrepreneurs.

    Speaker of Parliament William: _Info_: What is being done to improve the servers economy other than creating a supply and demand system in the gov shop?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I would also like to remind everyone that there is a governent contract program.
    Prime Minister Koalition: We are observing the current economy and how everyone interacts, especially with the newly established chest shops in the mall;
    Prime Minister Koalition: DoCE and DoPA will collaborate on a survey that will collect information as to how much money people earn on average per week and what is their source of income.

    Speaker of Parliament William: That's all for _Info_.

    Prime Minister Koalition: 3rd question?

    Speaker of Parliament William: He did not submit one.

    Prime Minister Koalition: Alright.

    Speaker of Parliament William: DerpGaming20_YT_: How will the current overflow of lawsuits be dealed with? Will another judge be appointed anytime soon?

    Prime Minister Koalition: The Judges are responsible for the lawsuits. The Parliament has the ability to check up on the Judges and hold them accountable, not Cabinet.
    Prime Minister Koalition: As for another Judge, we are always looking for candidates but as you can imagine it's not an easy task.
    Prime Minister Koalition: We want the best people in top jobs.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Recommendations are welcome, however. DM the Justice Minister with your suggested nominees.

    Speaker of Parliament William: DerpGaming20_YT_: What are the current plans for the future of the servers economy? Do these plans result in a Player Ran Economy?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I answered a similar question that Info asked. But yes, we are always looking for ways to decrease the reliance on the government and encourage more player-player trading and businesses.

    Speaker of Parliament William: DerpGaming20_YT_: What are the cabinets plans for Capital Decentralization? Will decentralization of the capital being more business to Westridge and the Capital? Will towns be able to receive more foot traffic if/when capital decentralization occurs?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Many questions inside of one. Alright then.
    Prime Minister Koalition: As mentioned, the DoC is working on setting up a new spawn hub outside of the capital city.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Which won't make the players spawn inside the capital immediately as they join the server but rather choose their city of choice.
    Prime Minister Koalition: That being said, other cities (and towns) will indeed receive more traffic

    Speaker of Parliament William: Thank you everybody. This session has been adjourned. A transcript of the PMQ will be posted to the forums within 3 days.
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    Just wanna thank Koal for doing this.
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    I'm happy to ask about this next PMQ if you send me a DM on discord.
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    Again, thank you PM for your attendance on what I believe will be a successful event going forward.