Prime Minister Questions Transcripts - 09/14/19

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    Please note: This is the complete chat log of 09/14 PMQs. In no way shape or form was these chat transcripts altered. It is advised to read these transcripts in light mode.

    Speaker of Parliament William: Good morning!
    Speaker of Parliament William: I hereby call upon the Prime Minister to enter the chamber and answer questions from Members of Parliament.
    Speaker of Parliament William: I call this session to order. As I will be moderating today's event, I relinquish my ability to ask the Prime Minister any questions, besides this one: Prime Minister, what has the Government done within the last two weeks?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you Acting Speaker William. Good morning Members of Parliament and all Citizens attending today's event.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Let me first start off by saying that I am very glad we have finally managed to find the time to host a
    Prime Minister Questions after 3 weeks of the initial event.
    Prime Minister Koalition: As most players probably observed, I was absent the last few weeks as I was getting ready to move in real life.

    Prime Minister Koalition: During that period, katt_tail took on my role and became the Acting Prime Minister.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Progress was still done nonetheless.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Although a little slower than usual admitedly.
    Prime Minister Koalition: The Department of Business Development has introduced private billboards and the Department of Justice a new role called sergeant. I am pleased to see that the sergeant is actually present here
    Prime Minister Koalition: points at kbooth1102

    Speaker of Parliament William: Welcome Sgt kbooth1102

    Prime Minister Koalition: The role does not have any additional authority over other members of the department, but rather serves as a role model and handles some administrative tasks of the department.
    Prime Minister Koalition: The government has lost a member of cabinet, Johnny, a little before his term was due, as he had some new real life developments

    Speaker of Parliament William: (He married his high school sweetheart and now has a healthy baby boy!)

    Prime Minister Koalition: and I'm sure the whole chamber will join me in comending his job in the turns out, uneffective role he had been elected for.
    Prime Minister Koalition: But still, he did the most with it.
    Prime Minister Koalition: I also want to inform the chamber that we will be looking for a new Minister of Public Affairs as Libnah continues to serve during an interim basis, until being moved to another cabinet position without a portfolio.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you

    Speaker of Parliament William: Prime Minister Koalition, thank you for that update. If you permit, I'd like to query how your move went?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Just fine, thank you. I'm still getting used to the whole change but over the next few weeks I should be all fine.

    Speaker of Parliament William: Again, thank you for providing those updates to inform the public of the happenings. We will now begin with prepared questions.

    Prime Minister Koalition: I'm slowly getting back on track and will be able to proceed with my duties fully

    Speaker of Parliament William: I call upon TheMightyZulf You have three questions.

    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: yes
    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: my first question: what will cabinet be doing to assess the on-going effectiveness of the new govt departments?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Over the last 2 weeks, as I said the split was not moving as efficiently due to my real life affairs. Now that I am back, we will finally finalize the split which includes the creation of in-game groups, forum private and public boards for department affairs and applications, respectively.

    Prime Minister Koalition: as well as moving all of the responsibility from one big department to two moderate ones
    Prime Minister Koalition: After that, the whole Cabinet and I'm sure Parliament will carefully observe how the two new departments function independently.

    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: thank you. Second Q: Does cabinet have any new notable plans in the works for the server? if not deemed publically distributable information as of now, when can we expect them to be public knowledge?

    Prime Minister Koalition: There are always things we discuss and roll out in part or as one major update. I have come close to the 1.13 update, so there will be many updates, both cabinet and server-administrative wise that follow that.

    Prime Minister Koalition: For example, there will be an update after 1.13 that will make the job of Farmers more efficient and will give the role more privileges over other job roles when it comes to farming.

    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: very interesting, thank you. My final Q: will the new DoJ Sergeant role be made official alongside other department secretary roles?

    Prime Minister Koalition: Yes, the holder of the role will have a new aqua prefix to differentiate from other Police Officers.
    Prime Minister Koalition: But I'd just like to repeat one more time that the role does not hold actual authority over other department members that still lies only with the Minister.

    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: of course and thank you.

    Prime Minister Koalition: But rather other permissions to assit the Minister with running the department from an administrative perspective

    Speaker of Parliament William: Thank you Koal. Zulf, thank you for those in dept questions.

    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: understood
    Member of Parliament TheMightyZulf: np

    Speaker of Parliament William: I now call upon kbooth1102 You have 3 questions.

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: Thank you Mr Acting Speaker. I'd like to start by commending cabinet on the recent department changes and town developments; Fort Hamilton and Orico. Could the Prime Minister please provide Parliament with an update on the status of construction project currently being planned and or completed by the Department of Construction

    Prime Minister Koalition: I thank the honorable gentleman for his kind comments. The Cabinet always tries to do the best thing for the server and its population.
    Prime Minister Koalition: To answer his question, the Department is focused on several things, s
    uch as the new hub for spawn as well as finishing up the town locations
    Prime Minister Koalition: Of course, I'm sure all citizens have seen the new scenery around the cities
    the gorgeous custom mountains
    Prime Minister Koalition: Other projects that were FINISHED include
    the stadium in the new government city for DoPA events built by Constructor Doctorthunder7 and of course other landscaping around the city.
    Prime Minister Koalition: changes to the capitol are also in the works which includes more department buildings and an overhaul of the
    main government building, the one we're standing in right now
    Prime Minister Koalition: The capital city will also become more efficient and easier to travel as smaller, unnecessary roads will be removed
    and a new metro system in the capital city is being mapped out
    Prime Minister Koalition: A lot of projects!

    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: Thank you Mr Prime Minister. My second question is: Do you think it would be more or less effective to have the Doctor profession as a forum job?

    Prime Minister Koalition: I think it will be highly ineffective to have the Doctor role elevated to that status.

    Prime Minister Koalition: It's questionable how many players would even apply for the role, as it's one of the jobs besides Tour Guides that we need as many people online at all times.
    Prime Minister Koalition: It will also deter some players from becoming a doctor due to either personal choices of not wanting to apply for the job via forums
    or other restrictive measures implied by their parents or guardians, prohibiting them from creating such accounts.
    Prime Minister Koalition: The doctor job will stay as an exam job but in the hospital, allowing for senior members of the Department of Health to open or close it
    whenever necessary.

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: The parliament understands that decisions regarding new laws and amendments should be made should be made with caution, however lately there has been large delays in the implementation of bills which inhibits the parliamentary process? Can the PM co...

    Prime Minister Koalition: I also want to commend the Health Minister

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: ...commit to a 48 hour window of review?

    Prime Minister Koalition: and her team for creating a more efficient doctor exam,
    which will allow for even better candidates to get the role of Doctor.

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: apologies for cutting you off, Mr Prime Minister. See above my third question.

    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you. I want to repeat the fact that I had some serious ongoing real life affairs that prohibited me from actively conducting my
    role as prime minister on this server.
    Prime Minister Koalition: This, of course, stalled the decision making and progress of the government, which includes the implementation of bills passed by Parliament

    Prime Minister Koalition: We will be taking a look at the passed bills as soon as possible, as we always have.
    Prime Minister Koalition: Thank you

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: thank you. That concludes my questions.

    Speaker of Parliament William: Thank you kbooth1102 and Koalition. Before we adjurn, I'd like to ask if we have any questions from info, jay, or ian, who aren't here to ask them

    Speaker of Parliament William: I also have a few housekeeping notes xD

    Member of Parliament kbooth1102: I have no further questions from my colleagues Mr Acting Speaker.

    Speaker of Parliament William: thanks you

    Speaker of Parliament William: The Main portion of the PMQ has concluded. Please thank our Prime Minister Koalition for attending and answering our questions.