Important Property Inspector Report Protocol

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What do you do as a Property Inspector (PI)?

As a Property Inspector, your job is to find plots/regions in Capitol City that violate the property rules and report regions that need to be vaulted. You get paid 15 Krunas per 15 minutes.

Categories of Reports
  • Eyesores are buildings that look ugly or don’t fit into the city in another way. Please use the guidelines below to determine whether to report or not.

    • Looks like a large box

    • Built out of only one or two different materials (Subjectional, ask first.)

    • Has no windows

    • Shaped like a pyramid

    • A commercial property in a residential area or vice versa (e.g. a house next to skyscrapers or a skyscraper next to suburban houses)

    • Only looks good from one or two sides

    • Isn’t structurally sound, i.e. contains floating pieces or large unsupported overhangs

    • Uses too many, potentially clashing, colours and/or materials
  • Empty Plots (200 Krunas)

  • When a player buys a plot in the city they have 2 weeks to start building something on it and should be making significant and regular progress.
  • This would be storage of illegal items, farms in apartments etc

  • If a tenant/renter has unrented the region, you can report the region for vaulting immediately, just make sure it has locked chests/furnaces/others to be vaulted.

As a Property Inspector, you report plots that violate plot rules laid out on the forums. If any plot violates them, you need to warn the owner of the plot. If they fail to fix the issue within two weeks, you can report them on the forums. The rules for plots are:

  • Commercial plots cannot be in the suburbs and vice versa.

  • The building theme must be relatively modern

  • Eyesores are not allowed

  • Visible farms are not allowed

  • Players are not allowed to have more than 2 empty plots in a city

  • Players cannot alter historical buildings in any way.


How do I warn plot owners?

Property Inspectors report plot and region owners through the forums, under the category “Eviction & Vault Requests”, creating a report using the template below. Once you have created the report, inform the owner of the property via /mail.

The full command along with wording would be -
/mail send <username here> Hello, <region/plotname here> has been reported for: <reason here> The report can be found on the forums under Cities > Capital City > Eviction/Vault Requests.

Depending on the reason for the report, the owner of the plot/region has one - two weeks to solve the issue. Please use the following templates to fill in the ‘Reason for Vault/Eviction Request’ for your reports: (Please note Vault Requests do not need any waiting times)

  • Lack of Progress:
    • <region name>, contains an unfinished building that has not been edited in more than two weeks. <owner here> has two weeks from this report to make significant progress or you will be evicted.
  • Visible Farms:
    • <region name>, has a visible farm. <owner here> has two weeks from this report to remove the visible farm or you will be evicted.
  • AFK Pools
    • <region name>, has an AFK pool(s). <owner here> has one week from this report to remove the AFK pool(s) or you will be evicted.
  • Eyesores:
    • <region name>, is an eyesore. <owner here> has two week from this report to fix the eyesore. <If you can, provide advice on how to fix it up here> or you will be evicted.
  • Vaulting:
    • <region name> needs vaulting due to <previous owner here> having unrented this region.

Once you have created the report, it is your obligation to check the plot before one/two weeks is over. Make sure you have recorded your report here and that you made a Screenshot of your notice and attached it to the report.

If the issue has been resolved by the Owner

Please respond to the report with “Solved by Owner.” and ask a Staff Member to apply the Solved prefix.

If the issue remains unsolved

Leave the report as it is and wait for a staff member to solve the report.

What’s the template for reporting regions?

Here it is:
  • <plotname> - <eviction date>
    • Owner:
      • The region owner is not the landlord, but rather the person who owns the items that need vaulted.
    • Region Name:

    • Report Reason:
      • (vaulting, contains farm)
    • Screenshots:

    • Additional Information:
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