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    Real Newzzzzzzzz
    Edition 16 (November 20, 2021)
    - Mythical Turkey Discovered

    - New Tractor Hits the Market

    - Mustard Mixer Strikes

    Mythical Turkey Discovered

    Researchers finally have photographic evidence of the legendary turkey of Capital City. Images of the mythical, elusive turkey were captured at long last by the intrepid GikoHanno Expedition.

    The Lil’ Gobbler, as it is called, is now known to feed on poisonous potato bricks.

    GikoHanno, who discovered the turkey, had this to say: “We have proof for all those doubters that the Lil’ Gobbler does indeed exist. It’s a great day!”

    New Tractor Hits the Market
    An eye-popping new farming gadget is now available in stores nationwide. Your old hoe may soon be as obsolete as the Companies plugin!

    The tractor, out last Tuesday, can harvest anything. It can even harvest the seed of your friends!

    Just insert seed, wait a couple days… And, POP! Perfectly cultivated crop comes flying out of the ground.


    Mustard Mixer Strikes
    Capital City Police arrested Tracefais today. She is suspected of randomly adding hot mustard to innocent foods.

    According to the police report, Tracefais was caught yellow-handed. She added mustard to the bacon that 126__ was making.

    When questioned, Tracefais could only mutter, “I don’t know why I did it.”


    Thank you! =)
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    hot mustard is so good though
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    never tried hot mustard ngl but i dont like spicy stuff ;-;
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    Wow. I was really inspired by the GikoHanno Expedition. Brought a tear to my eye :*)