Act of Parliament Removal of Elected Minister & Installation of PMQs

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    Feb 24, 2019
    In a vote of 5:2, Parliament has resolved that:

    Upon contacting the whole Cabinet, it was unanimously agreed that the current system of electing ministers without portfolio is very much inefficient, unnecessary and flawed.
    1. The position itself is pretty useless. The person holding the role doesn't wield any actual power or authority to make decisions themselves, and may still be blamed by the public for not getting anything done by cabinet they had promised as they do not control the whole Cabinet themselves, and are just one voice out of many.
    2. The person holding the position may get accused of being favoritism and abusing their cabinet privileges for personal gain, even when that may not be the case.
    3. Finally, the whole system can be abused by the Prime Minister picking one amazing candidate they want to win and two poorer candidates with no chances of getting elected in order to always get the actual person they want in Cabinet.
    4. The Public Affairs Department is already tasked with collecting feedback from the general populace by conducting surveys, polls and questionnaires.
    We also need to point out one controversial but nonetheless true fact: the Cabinet does not represent the people but rather serves them and their elected representatives (Parliament) who keep Cabinet in check by overriding Executive Orders and dismissing Ministers.

    To compensate for the removal of this position which can be defined as the mouthpiece of the people, I am now going to explain the second part of this bill - Prime Minister Questions (aka PMQs).

    PMQs will be hosted every two weeks (twice a month) in the Capitol building on the weekend. Players would be welcome to attend and watch but not actually talk; that would be reserved for their elected representatives. The Speaker of the Parliament would oversee and supervise the whole event and call on MPs to ask the Prime Minister questions. They can get these questions by reaching out to the people that elected them and be their mouthpiece. They can either ask questions or just commend/criticize the government with a mandatory response from the Prime Minister. Each Member of Parliament attending will be able to ask 3 questions. The event will always start with the same first question asked by the Speaker which will go something along the lines of "What has the Cabinet done since the last PMQs?".

    A transcript of the PMQ will be posted to Government Transparency Publications no later than 3 days afterwards by the DoPA.
    News anchors will be encouraged to report the event live (in #political-discussion) or later in their newspaper.

    Link to the bill can be found by clicking here.
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    Jun 14, 2019
    In a vote of 7:0, Parliament has resolved that:

    If there are less than 4 MPs present (Speaker + 3 MPs), the Speaker will be able to ask up to two additional pre-made questions from each absent MP.

    Link to the bill can be found by clicking here.