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    The Business qualification is an additional qualification that any player can obtain by taking the Entrepreneur (business) exam in the university. Once you pass it, you will have permission to create a company.Only players with this qualification are allowed to open companies and employ other players.

    This Qualification is NOT a job. That means you can keep your current job and still take the Entrepreneur exam.

    How does it work?

    If you would like to start a company related to a job, you first need to pass the Entrepreneur exam, and then you will have the permissions to create companies. You can also then use the prefix “Entrepreneur” instead of your job prefix, if you would like. To change the prefix use /entrepreneur and /entrepreneur off.

    Any company you make has to be related to your job. So a farmer can make a farming company but not a brewing one and a citizen can only make companies related to none of the existing jobs.
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    Please Note: The Entrepreneurship Qualification has replaced the Business Qualification. You may become an Entrepreneur whilst still holding your position in another job [i.e. Property Inspector]
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    And you should post answers here
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    That’s illegal
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    it is illegal they can't if the most they should show us what questions we got wrong
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    Now it is /display.
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    how to study for this exam