The Checks & Balances of Government and the Need for a Party System

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    Jun 18, 2019
    So, going forward I want to explain a few things before I get into the needs of having parties.

    1) Why Parties?

    Parties are power houses and force government to function. Without parties a lot of what you see falls apart. Without parties a lot of infighting happens and a lot of cohesiveness thinking does not occur. So instead, people have formed parties to form political power houses to push through legislation. This allows special interest groups (like mothers for drunk driving) to have a say in government. This also happens naturally (as we can see with the U.S. system) because people wish to band together and have each others backs. As well, when campaigning people form party platforms (be it their own plat forms, however need staffers to do thing) to raise money. This in turn creates a system of donations in which a party becomes an economic power house.

    My point being parties are useful for a legislative agenda and elections through economic power.

    2) How to keep parties at bay.

    To keep parties at bay it's important to have an oversight. A council that over sees legislation and or a council that oversees elections is needed to keep parties under the people's foot. In modern government we see this through in the US system the senate, the UK system the lordship, and others an electoral commission such being like India.


    Now, why would this be necessary? Simple, the larger a council grows the more unorganized it gets. As such, we have the problem presented here. We only have seven members in parliament. However, as soon as we break a 20-30 player thresh hold we will start to see infighting. This is where the party system kicks in. Forcing the electorate in parties allows us to force them to comply to laws. In the same way businesses are held to their department's standards, the party's actions will be held to the standard's of the Electoral Commission.

    How could we implement this? Easily actually. Allow players to vote for a party directly without the direct vote of MPs and create an upper chamber like a staff commission or an electoral commission which would be held by staffers. The EC would be liable to parliamentary changes, however would be bound to the constitutional guidelines of the nation (we would need to create a constitution). Further more, we would force parties to create manifestos to provide what they would like to implement legislative wise and then allow a campaign season for them.

    Lastly, we would make the appointment of PM isolated from these parties through the EC. The EC will handle the elections over all and have direct oversight over the appointments and campaigns. Effectively isolating the PM from all parliamentary contact during and after the campaign season (unless for official business).

    This is the kind of system we could implement to allow the server to have a more diverse and effective political landscape when it comes to the parliamentary.
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    Aug 8, 2018
    We've been at that for a while now and we've had one Parliament that had infighting-- which was actually caused by parties themselves.
  3. Clayupay

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    Apr 20, 2019
    I hate the 2 party system we live in, it feels very broken, every damn thing gets grid locked and people constantly use non partisan issues to use as bargaining tools. I am not gunna lie I didn’t read everything you have to say. Going through ur messages on discord originally in my head I was thinking u were being attacked, or they were shutting you down but I realized their frustration it looks like you gained most of the political knowledge of the server in the last couple hours. Do I think the political system in place is correct, no. Do I think it needs to be changed, yes, but now right now. It’s decent and needs work, but I don’t think that you should throw the whole thing out the window.

    I suggest you stay a while and figure out how things work and offer less aggressive ideas.
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    Jun 14, 2019
    The Senate system, used by the US, Australia, and Canada, is far superior as a house of review compared to the House of Lords.
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    Jun 4, 2019
    Party’s are a good idea but on the server seem to cause infighting as there are no real two same opinions
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  6. LethalFantocinni

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    Sep 28, 2018

    I'm late to this forum, but having parties would cause infighting and it would add another level of complexity to the BC Government. At the moment our economical community needs to be united, and adding a parties would just split us up further...

    If we were to reach a point of stability, we could then add parties to the system for a certain period of time, then experiment on what happens within parliament. Any parties that would be established would have to be managed by the Prime Minister, along with other Government leaders.

    So yes, parties seem like a good idea, but it's not the time or place to bring them to BC.
  7. xEndeavour

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    Jun 14, 2019
    Parties would be a mere collective block and there is nothing stopping you from setting one up. I looked into it myself but it was met with severe backlash so I dropped the idea.