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    Hello there today I present the biggest Covington City Announcement of all time.

    Out with the old in with the new

    That is what we have been working on for the last weeks. We have completely reformed the way the city is operating by making every single department much more efficient. Not only that but the departments now also have offices operating under them. With all of this comes loads of new jobs that can be had in Covington, so keep your eye out for some hiring posts on our Discord and here on the forums.

    Thanks to Nightilon and I_Want_Orangiez we now have very detailed management plan to continue evolving Covington and coming closer to running a streamlined operation.


    Building News

    Its not only old management that is going out however. Building wise we have more news than ever before. Thanks to our 7 Constructors we are getting progress like never before. A couple of weeks ago we desided to go with a Hong Kong theme for the new areas of Covington. This is because about half of our team of builders actually are from Hong Kong and the rest of the team has had an easy time adapting to the style. We have all fallen in love with the style and we hope you will like it just as much as we do.

    Districts being added

    The biggest plan building wise is all the new fully pre-built districts. The city will be divided into 8 different districts with their own building types. A detailed explanation of all the districts will be available shortly.

    All the districts will have their own building type and style but will all be the same Hong Kong theme.
    Map by I_Want_Orangiez

    Pre-built buildings

    As I mentioned earlier the districts will be pre-built by our Construction team. With all buildings being pre-built we can keep the building style consistent and ensure that no buildings are breaking any restrictions. It also saves a huge amount of time for businesses wanting to settle in Covington since the buildings will be move in ready.

    This is how a city block in the South Point district will look like with all the prebuilt buildings

    A big focus on details

    With the Construction team pre-building everything they get a chance to detail and decorate it to their liking. This means that we get a very detailed and realistic look on all the Roads and Buildings in Covington. This will be great for just exploring or taking nice pictures.

    As an example of the Construction teams devotion to detail here is a rooftop made by Nightilon

    Neon signs are a big thing in Hong Kong and they will be in some districts of Covington too. Signs like this will be found on the sides of buildings and can be customized to fit company logos as a new and creative way of advertising your business on BC.


    I won't give away too much about our unique public transport ideas for the city but I can say that it will be a bit more interesting and fun then normal boring buses. More info will be following in the close future.

    What will be happening in the future weeks?

    In the coming weeks we will be implementing ideas from our city plan which include business grants, marketing campaigns, hiring more staff and ofcourse a ton of roads and buildings being built.


    We are very excited about this project and we really hope this will lead Covington in the right direction for the future. There is so much more for us to share with you in the near future so stay excited!

    This is truly a huge project so expect it to take some time before it all is done on BC. The Construction team is building as fast as possible but they don't wan't to compromise on the quality of their work so they are taking their time. Other departments such as Public Affairs and Economy are also working as fast as possible to implement new ideas from the city plan.

    Make sure to Join the Covington Discord at to keep up with new Spoilers almost every day!
    And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
    Thank you for reading!

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    I love Covington, a Pearl of the South :heart_orange: