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    The DoPA is back with some new changes. See here for the official DoPA post.

    New Minister

    Hi, I'm sparkleA (Sparks) and I will be the new Minster of Public Affairs.

    New Job

    Instead of Event Planners, we now have Community Coordinators, or Comm. Coordinators. Given that we have changed from just hosting events, to more community based outreach, a new job title with new responsibilities is fitting. You may apply for this job as soon as it is edited into the Government Applications Important post.

    New Responsibilites

    There are 2 new responsibilities for the DoPA, and one responsibility has been removed. See below.

    Regular Events Removed

    There will be no Regular Events hosted by the DoPA anymore, but Special Events will be continued.

    City Relations

    The DoPA will monitor cities, working closely with the mayors and councilors of those cities. Note that this will become more important and necessary once more cities pop up.

    Player Feedback

    Player feedback is an important new responsibility of the DoPA. With feedback gathered from players, Comm. Coordinators will have to present statistics to the Cabinet. These statistics could spark change when needed.

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    Awesome! Will apply ^o^