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    Executive Announcement

    Cabinet has determined that the government owned city of Westridge will be permanently shut down.

    Moving forward, the Department of City Relations has arranged for important buildings such as the Casino, BCMMA stadium, and Red Torch District to be moved to new cities. All Players who own WR plots will receive a refund on the price of the plot. Their building will be vaulted unless the mayor of another city allows relocation into their city.

    The city region and highway will remain to be possibly repurposed in the future, and the 500 block anti griefing and claiming rule is still in effect.

    Westridge's Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Council are all relieved from duty, thank you Reaper, Layzur, zzzKing, Hotshot, and Flaming for upkeeping the city for its last few months.

    More information pertaining to the removal process and plot relocation will be available as the process continues.
    Questions should be directed to Info or stinkycow.
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    R.I.P Westridge
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    Leave some stuff as ruins
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    RIP Westridge~
    Edit due to stupidity owo
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    f :pensive:
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    We should have a new city because of this lol. RIP Westridge, I never even got to visit. :(
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    RIP westridge, I miss it