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    As some of you know, katt_tail has resigned from the Speakership earlier today.
    She was formerly (and the first) President of the Parliamentary Assembly until it was recently renamed to Speaker of the Parliament. If you want to read more about the responsibilities of the Speaker and the government overall, click here.

    There are questions as to why she had resigned. So, I'm creating this post to clear up the confusion and also to announce what will happen to Kat now.

    She has proposed the idea of Department of Agriculture in Parliament, which passed this week and has been implemented today. I knew that she would be perfect for the position of Agriculture Minister as it correlates with her real life studies. But that's not all. Kat has been a loyal member of the community, a close confidant and has great experience in both Parliament, Cabinet and server overall. Therefore I have decided to nominate her for two positions: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture.

    The nomination has passed Parliament and she is now officially the first Minister of Agriculture and second ever Deputy Prime Minister.
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    Press F to pay respect.
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    Congratulations katt
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    (me smashing that F BUTTON)
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    Haha thanks guys!
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    I will repeat what I have said before in discord (twice actually, hehe) in that first off, thank you so much for all that you do for me and the rest of the BC community. We appreciate your tiring hours making sure everyone is great, fixing issues, dealing with cabinet and Parliament, and in casual BC convos. You have been a great help to me and with the majority of the citizens of BC by guiding us through (with help from all of the other Moderators, Admins, and Senior Admin Sparks, along with Koal and Jake [even though he has not been that active]) every Minecraft day. I am sincerely glad someone who has had as much experience, passion, and determination for making BC great (AKA you) has been nominated for such a coveted position as deputy prime Minister of business craft. On behalf of BC, thank you for all you do! ♥️♥️
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