Executive Order Wilderness Region Changes

Discussion in 'Government Announcements' started by DoctorThunder7, Mar 12, 2020.

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  1. _Info_

    _Info_ Citizen Donator

    Want players to move to cities? Make cities more appealing to players. Simple.
  2. CrackedAmoeba

    CrackedAmoeba Citizen Banned

    This is a step in the right direction. I think more needs to be added to this to coincide with this, but I like it. Forcing ppl into cities is good for business and commercial shops. This will help retailers too.
  3. Sprite

    Sprite Citizen Donator

    By removing most of their industrial base as you can't really have large production infrastructure in a 20x20 plot?
  4. CrackedAmoeba

    CrackedAmoeba Citizen Banned

    What do you need to produce on a larger scale than that? Most players build self substance farms which takes away krunas from actual farmers. This will help the farming industry make more krunas.
  5. bbnohoney

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    In a vote of 8:1, Parliament has resolved that:

    Due to the reasons listed in the bill, Executive Order #12 will be repealed.

    Link to the bill can be found by clicking here.