Lawsuit: Adjourned xLayzur's Criminal Record Wipe

Discussion in 'Courthouse' started by SiriGamer15, Nov 21, 2020.

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  1. SiriGamer15

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    Nov 12, 2020
    Your honor I am SiriGamer15 from Equilibrium Partners at Law. I am here today on behalf of my client xLayzur to attempt to clear his record of any criminal charges.

    According to section Chapter 6 Section 1 of the federal code document a player may apply in the courthouse to wipe their criminal record if they have not committed a crime in 3 months. My client is seeking for his criminal record to be wiped. Attached you will find my clients criminal record.

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  2. Sprite

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    Aug 8, 2018
    Per the Clearing Criminal Record Act, the court is hereby ordering:
    - The removal of the infraction on May 7, 2020 from xLayzur's criminal record;
    - The removal of the infraction on July 25, 2020 from xLayzur's criminal record.

    The Clearing Criminal Record Act states that it is only applied to punishments and laws dealt with by the police, and as such I am unable to clear that infraction from xLayzur's record.

    The court is now adjourned.

    Adjourned: This case was presided by Judge SpriteTropical
    Court Status: This court case is resolved and adjourned by Judge SpriteTropical
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