Accepted BC-114 "Booze Castle"

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  1. Plot number: BC-114
    Date constructed: May 4, 2019
    This building is home to the most popular bar on the server at the time. This building has been a major part of the community as it hosted all kinds of events both Private and Government. The bar on the top floor has served a diverse customer bases. This includes Members of Parliament, Minister, and even the President. The lower levels include the servers biggest brewery, rent-able brewers for up and coming brewers and even a small mall. The basement levels include a massive 20+ barrel room. Massive rent-able regions for just about any use.
  2. DerpGaming20_YT

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    The bar is a popular place on the server, but im personally questioning if its ready to be deemed as a historic building. this is my opinion however, and is completely up to lux.
  3. iRealistic

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    Honestly, the building is historic, as much as I like to mess around Doc about it, its should be considered as such. It looks amazing, held a ton of parties, in my eyes, its created alot of memories and moments.
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    100% agree
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  6. DrThunder7

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    As original builder and the one that requested bc-114 be given the Historical Status I am requesting that it be removed.

    The building has sat vacant and unused for some time now and I feel that it is no longer relevant to the history of the City.
  7. HistoriaOrangie

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