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    The Government of BusinessCraft is divided into three branches: the Legislative (Parliament), the Executive (Cabinet) and the Judicial (Court). It's important to note that the Government and the Server Staff are completely different and both have different tasks and responsibilities.

    Legislative Branch: The Parliament

    The Parliament consists of 9 elected members referred to as Members of Parliament (commonly abbreviated to MPs) for a three-month term. This is the most powerful and influential server institution and is responsible for the creation, as well as the modification and removal of all server laws. Collectively, the 9 Members of Parliament represent the will of the people, debate and legislate law, and scrutinize the executive branch.

    Members of Parliament start bills in the Parliamentary forum category after heavy debates on the private discord channels. These bills are then voted on. A bill needs at least 5 votes in favor to pass. The bill is then sent to the Prime Minister for evaluation. If rejected or vetoed by the Prime Minister, Parliament must wait 14 days before amending and posting the bill for revoting.

    The Parliament approves or rejects players nominated by the Prime Minister for Ministerial and Judicial positions. It also has the power to dismiss incumbent Ministers and Judges by a vote of no confidence by a super-majority (6/9 MPs). Should the Parliament lose confidence in the Prime Minister, the whole Cabinet will also have to resign.

    After a concluded election, the MPs elect a player to be the Speaker of the Parliament, who is responsible for chairing Parliamentary meetings and maintaining order, as well as forwarding the passed bills to the Prime Minister. The Speaker is usually the one to announce a new Act of Parliament and officially add the new law into the Server Rules and Laws document.

    If an MP is punished for breaking a law whilst in office, they can be removed from Parliament early by the Speaker with the consent of the majority of Parliament. In the event that a member of parliament becomes inactive for 2 or more weeks, resigns, leaves, or is fired from their position, parliament will discuss potential members and agree with a majority vote before the public can vote the chosen candidate into office.

    MP's are not allowed to propose legislation that directly benefits their company or private interest.
    They are also obligated to post at least two bills during their term. Failure to do so will disallow the MP to run for re-election immediately. MP's that resign also disqualify themselves in the following election unless the cabinet votes otherwise.

    » List of Members of Parliament can be found here.

    • Responsible for the creation, as well as the modification and removal of all server laws.
    • Parliament can also change rules in addition to laws, but only rules that affect group or groups that the government has oversight of.
    • In the case of a bill falling outside of parliament's power but under a specific department's jurisdiction, the Minister of that department may approve of the bill, work with parliament, and allow for it to be passed through parliament. This would not override a Prime Minister or Presidential veto.
    • Responsible for government changes.
      • Parliament has the ability to change the Constitution (albeit unwritten) and thus change the government system in any way, shape, or form, including the changes within the government departments, their powers, and positions in them. These changes, however, need to be signed by the Prime Minister just like any new legislation act. These would not be considered simple law changes, and thus the Parliament would not be able to override the Prime Minister's veto.
      • Parliament has the ability to introduce new departments.
      • Parliament can override an Executive Order (EO) made by the Prime Minister with 7 votes.
      • Parliament can override a veto of a law change with a unanimous vote, only if the vetoed law is a simple law change (e.g. changes to punishments to PvP laws)
      • Parliament can check and approve government spending
      • Parliament cannot override a veto of a Government change.
      • Parliament cannot give themselves power over the Executive branch nor can they take power away.
    1. MP resigns or is terminated.
    2. SoP releases a Google Form where one can nominate themselves or another player, nominations will be kept anonymous and nominations will only be seen by Parliament. The public will have 24 hours to do this.
    3. Parliament will discuss the nominees and vote on a potential candidate from the nominee pool. This will be done in 12 hours but may be extended by the SoP if necessary.
    4. SoP informs the potential candidate and the candidate must agree to the candidacy. If the candidate does not accept, Parliament will head back to Step 3 and repeat the process.
    5. SoP announces the candidate in the government announcement channel and polls open up to the public. Polls close in 48 hours and the candidate must have a majority of ayes to be elected into office.
    6. SoP announces on the forums election post and the discord the candidate that passed and is now officially a member of parliament.
    7. Parliament is allowed to use recent data from public polls within a 25-day time frame from the last replacement election.

    Executive Branch: The Cabinet

    The Cabinet consists of all Ministers who collectively enforce all laws and run all government departments and thus the server.

    The President is the head of state and is not elected. The role of the President is largely ceremonial, although the President is vested with some reserve and emergency powers. Two days before the conclusion of a Parliamentary election, it is the President's duty to nominate any player for the role of Prime Minister. The President is vested with the power to veto legislation passed by Parliament, and in case of a vacancy in the Premiership, the President becomes the acting head of government until the appointment of a new Prime Minister.

    The Prime Minister (commonly abbreviated to PM) is the head of government and the chair of the cabinet. All members of the cabinet are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister calls for Cabinet meetings and adjourns them, and has the final say on all cabinet matters. The Prime Minister also has the ability to issue Executive Orders and propose new legislation to Parliament (although they cannot vote on the legislation themselves).

    The Deputy Prime Minister is the assistant and primary counselor to the Prime Minister. In the event that the Prime Minister goes MIA (Missing in Action) or is unable to be online for more than 10 days, the Deputy Prime Minister becomes the Acting Prime Minister and assumes all responsibilities and powers of the Prime Minister. Oversee, host, and manage Cabinet Meetings. The Deputy Prime Minister is allowed to draft bills and executive orders and submit them to the Prime Minister.

    Ministers are members of cabinet, and each is also a head of a different government department. They run government departments and implement decisions on policies in conjunction with the Cabinet. They appoint and dismiss members of their respective departments. Ministers are nominated by the Prime Minister and approved by the Parliament. They serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister and can also be removed from office should they fail to receive and retain confidence from the Parliament.
    Some Ministers may not have a portfolio (meaning they do not head a particular department) and are known as Ministers without portfolio (or more commonly as Advisers). These players usually specialize in a certain field and offer assistance to the Cabinet.
    The full title for Ministers is "Minister of _____". Example: Minister of Public Affairs (aka Public Affairs Minister) is the Minister responsible for the Department of Public Affairs.

    Players that serve in government departments are apart of the administrative executive, however, are exempt from the limitations placed on the electability of executive members to parliament.

    The current government departments are:
    1. Department of Construction and Transportation (DoC): Responsible for the construction of government-approved buildings and the highway. The Department also finds locations for new cities and towns. All Constructors and Property Inspectors are a part of this department.
    2. Department of Justice (DoJ): Responsible for maintaining peace and order of the server by enforcing laws. The Department of Justice also offers a security detail to senior government officials, such as the Prime Minister. Police Officers are a part of this department.
    3. Department of Economy (DoE): Responsible for the overall performance of the economy, including government shops, business grants, jobs, exams, guides. The department consists of Economy Secretaries.
    4. Department of Public Affairs (DoPA): Responsible for hosting server events, community feedback (polls, surveys), election debates, social media, transparency publications, and city relations. The department consists of Community Coordinators and Tour Guides.
    5. Department of Health (DoH): Responsible for helping players with diseases and making sure the hospital is functional and stocked. The department also makes sure all other cities have functioning hospitals with working pharmacies. All Doctors and Hospital Secretaries are a part of the department.
    6. Department of Agriculture (DoA): Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the wilderness, in addition to managing the dog shelter and grocery store, as well as animal cruelty reports. Environment Managers and Rangers work in the department.
    Cabinet members are not allowed to propose ideas that directly benefit their company or private interest.
    » List of Members of Cabinet can be found here.

    • The Executive branch, consisting of cabinet and government departments, administers and enforces the law respectively, as written by the legislature and interpreted by the judiciary.
    • The Cabinet consists of all Ministers who collectively run all government departments and influence government policy which includes, but is not limited to: changes to jobs, new settlements such as towns and cities, Capital city expansion, prices of government shops, events.
    • Cabinet also oversees everything owned by the Government including government cities, plots, apartments, and buildings, as well as the management of the Government balance.
    • The cabinet is responsible for changes (not law) in economic systems, transportation systems, and town/city systems. Cabinet has the ability to create and remove add-ons and full-on systems relating to that as well.
    1. Koalition (July 14th, 2016 - February 20th, 2020; April 1st, 2020 - June 20th, 2020)
    2. DoctorThunder7 (February 20th, 2020 - April 1st, 2020)
    3. Luxaholic (June 20th, 2020 - December 20th, 2020)
    4. _Info_ (December 20th, 2020 -)

    Judicial Branch: The Court

    The Court is consisted of up to 3 Judges nominated by the Prime Minister and approved by the Parliament. The Judges are responsible for answering and dealing with lawsuits created by players in the Courthouse forum. These lawsuits range from suing other players for murder to suing other companies for fraud or wrongful dismissal.
    In case a lawsuit has been created against a Judge, the case will be presided over by the Speaker of the Parliament.
    Judges can also be dismissed should they fail to retain confidence in the Parliament.
    In any certain case, the plaintiff or the defendant may file a motion to have the case be heard by a different judge, provided the party in question has enough evidence to back up the claim. If this happens, all 3 judges will vote as to whether or not a new judge should be assigned. If the judges vote in favor of the party filing the motion, another judge may then step in and finish the case.

    » List of Judges can be found here.

    • The Judicial branch, consisting of the courts, interprets the law, as written by the legislature and administered by the Executive.
    • The courts consist of 3 Judges, or where there is a judge vacancy, the Speaker of Parliament when required.
    • The courts make judgments on criminal appeal cases such as appeals on unwanted PvP and traffic violations.
    • The courts make judgments on civil cases such as wrongful dismissal and suing.
    • The courts are able to issue warrants to the Department of Justice.
    • The courts are responsible for resolving government disputes.
    • The courts act as a constitutional court, as a check on legislation and executive power.
    • In the case of a judge being biased for a case appeal, a substitute may take over in the following order:
      • Speaker of Parliament
      • Department of Justice Minister
      • Any other Department Minister
    • There will only be substitutes for judges that had conflicts of interest when the case was put up.
    • If a minister is involved in any way with the case then they may not step in to give a vote.
    • The presiding judge may not vote on the case, however, they may be consulted by the substitutes for help on the case.

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