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    The Government of BusinessCraft is divided into three branches: the Legislative (Parliament), the Executive (Cabinet), and the Judicial (Court). It's important to note that the Government and the Server Staff are completely different and both have different tasks and responsibilities.​

    Legislative Branch: The Parliament

    Section 1: Powers of Parliament

    The Parliament will consist of 7 elected members referred to as Members of Parliament (commonly abbreviated to MPs). MPs will be elected for a three-month term. Collectively, the 7 Members of Parliament represent the will of the people, debate and legislate law, and scrutinize the executive branch.

    The Parliament is responsible for creating, modifying, and removing server rules that fall under the Government’s oversight, as well as all laws. The Parliament is also responsible for changes to the Government, including government departments, their powers, and positions within them. A veto to changes to the Government system or Constitution cannot be overridden. The Parliament will also hold the power to change the Constitution. In the case, a bill falls outside of the jurisdiction of Parliament but in one of the government departments, the Minister of that department can grant Parliament jurisdiction to pass the bill.

    The Parliament will hold the power to override a bill veto from the Prime Minister with a 75% supermajority vote (5/7) except in cases where the bill proposes a change to the Constitution. The Parliament may also override an Executive Order (EO) with a supermajority vote (5/7).

    The Parliament approves or rejects players nominated by the Prime Minister for Ministerial and Judicial positions. It also has the power to dismiss incumbent Ministers, Judges, Speaker of Parliament, and Prime Minister through a vote of no confidence (commonly abbreviated to VoNC) with a 75% supermajority (5/7).

    Summary of Parliament's Powers:
    • Responsible for the creation, as well as the modification and removal of all server laws.
    • Parliament can also change rules in addition to laws, but only rules that affect group or groups that the government has oversight of.
    • In the case of a bill falling outside of parliament's power but under a specific department's jurisdiction, the Minister of that department may approve of the bill, work with parliament, and allow for it to be passed through parliament. This would not override a Prime Ministerial veto.
    • Responsible for government changes.
      • Parliament has the ability to change the Constitution and thus change the government system in any way, shape, or form, including the changes within the government departments, their powers, and positions in them. These changes, however, need to be signed by the Prime Minister just like any new legislation act. These would not be considered simple law changes, and thus the Parliament would not be able to override the Prime Minister's veto.
      • Parliament has the ability to introduce new departments and government positions.
      • Parliament can override an Executive Order (EO) made by the Prime Minister with 7 votes.
      • Parliament can override a veto of a law change with a unanimous vote, only if the vetoed law is a simple law change (e.g. changes to punishments to PvP laws)
      • Parliament can check and approve government spending and regulate commerce.
      • Parliament cannot give themselves power over the Executive branch nor can they take power away.
    Section 2: Election and Replacement of Members of Parliament
    Parliamentary elections are to be held every 3 months. Anyone may run for election as long as they meet the minimum requirements:
    • Has joined the server at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the election.
    • Playtime of at least 5 days.
    • Active in-game, forums, and discord.
    The election process is as follows:
    • Players have 1 week from the start of the election period to announce their intention to run on the forums. After 1 week, no new candidates will be accepted.
    • Once the option to run has closed, all players will then have 5 days to vote for up to 7 candidates of their choosing.
    • After the polls have been open for 5 days, they will close and the top 7 choices will be sworn in as Members of Parliament.
    • In the event of a tie that results in more than 7 MPs, a new vote will commence between the tied players and the population will be allowed to vote for the number of choices required to bring the parliament to 7 members.
    In the event an MP seat becomes vacant, the SoP will poll the general public for nominations or re-use a previous poll from the past 25 days for a replacement. After at least 24 hours have passed, the SoP may close the poll. The nominee pool will consist of everyone that meets the minimum requirements and also receives at least 2 votes in the poll. Parliament will then discuss and vote on their choice of the candidate from the nominee pool. After the candidate is chosen, the SoP will inform the chosen nominee of their candidacy. The nominee may then choose to accept or decline the nomination. If declined, parliament will revote from the remaining nominee pool and repeat the process. If within 21 days of the next election, the seat may be kept vacant.

    If the SoP is removed through a VoNC, they will lose their position as Speaker and Parliament will elect a new SoP.

    If an MP resigns or is removed from parliament, they shall forego their ability to run in the subsequent parliamentary election. They can run for office after 1 election has passed. Special cases may be granted by the cabinet where it is deemed unfair or in extreme circumstances to have previously resigned, and that they are confident the resignation is not likely again.

    Section 3: Speaker of Parliament
    After a concluded election, the MPs elect a player to be the Speaker of the Parliament (commonly abbreviated SoP), who is responsible for chairing Parliamentary meetings and maintaining order, as well as forwarding the passed bills to the Prime Minister. The Speaker is the one to announce a new Act of Parliament and officially add the new law into the Server Rules and Laws document. The speaker will also hold the power to call a parliamentary recess for up to two weeks, no more than once per parliamentary term. The speaker may also give out warnings to MPs for bad behavior or not fulfilling their obligation to vote on bills. After an MP has accrued 3 warnings, they may be removed from Parliament at the SoP’s discretion. An MP may also be removed through a majority vote at SoP’s discretion for breaking laws.

    The Speak of Parliament may also appoint a Deputy Speaker of Parliament. The Deputy Speaker would be tasked with advising and assisting the Speaker. If the Speaker were to go MIA or on break for a certain period of time the Deputy Speaker would become the Acting Speaker. They will be responsible for taking notes of parliament meetings and publishing them, making sure MP's are voting on bills, creating monthly posts regarding data from parliament such as bills proposed, accepted, and rejected. Any other tasks and assignments can be assigned by the Speaker. This position is only given to an MP by the Speaker of Parliament.

    Section 4: Process of Legislature

    Introduction of a Bill

    Only Members of Parliament (MPs) can officially propose a bill to the Parliament. Every MP has the right to take a suggestion from citizens and other government officials and make it into a bill. To introduce a bill to the Parliament, MPs need to go on the Parliament board and compose a new thread. The “Bill: Draft” prefix needs to be applied and the name of the thread needs to fit the idea. This format needs to be copied, pasted and filled in:
    - Title:
    - Type: (Creation/Edit/Removal)
    - Reasoning: Explain why the bill should be implemented.
    - Bill: The intended wording of the Act of Parliament

    Process of a Bill
    Bills start on discord under #bill-creation. Once feedback has been obtained over at least 1 day, the Draft Bill is then posted on the forums. After 1 day, which will allow the creator of the Draft Bill and other Parliamentarians to think of last-minute changes, a poll would be created and the topic prefix would be changed to “Bill: Pending”

    Members of Parliament are not allowed to delete a bill from the #bill-creation channel after it has been posted. Instead, if a bill receives negative public feedback or is for whatever reason decided to not be put into the voting phase, the MP who posted the bill will put at the bottom of the bill “this motion will not continue the parliamentary procedure process (due to/because of) (reason)

    Process of the Bill becoming an Act of Parliament
    The poll will close after 2 days, collecting votes of all Parliamentarians. In order for the bill to pass, majority support is required. If the bill fails to achieve at least 4/7 votes in favor, it would be rejected. Appropriate prefixes would be then applied to the Bill and it would be moved under the appropriate sub-forum.

    A Tie: In a case that a Bill is tied, Parliamentarians will rework the bill so suitable adjustments of some parts of the bill could be made. The new bill will be then opened for a re-vote in 2 days.

    Rejected Bills: If a Bill failed to achieve the majority's support, a bill of the same substance won’t be able to be suggested for 14 days

    Process of Amending the Constitution

    The process to edit the constitution will follow the same process outlined above, with the key difference of requiring a supermajority (5/7) vote to pass.

    » List of Members of Parliament can be found here.

    Executive Branch: The Cabinet

    The Cabinet consists of all Ministers who collectively enforce all laws and run all government departments and thus the server.

    Section 1: The Prime Minister
    The Prime Minister (commonly abbreviated to PM) is the head of government and the chair of the cabinet. All members of the cabinet are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister calls for Cabinet meetings and adjourns them, and has the final say on all cabinet matters. The Prime Minister also has the ability to issue Executive Orders, propose new legislation to Parliament (although the PM cannot vote on the legislation themselves), and veto legislation passed by Parliament.

    The Prime Minister is directly elected by the people, and the election process is as follows:
    1. Elections for Prime Minister run just before Parliamentary elections (1st-10th of the election month).
      • This is when the campaigns officially start, but interested parties can begin unofficial campaigns much earlier.
      • 1st-7th: Official Candidacy period
      • 8th-10th: Voting period. The choice with the largest amount of valid votes is the winner.

    2. Candidates for Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister must not be candidates in the Parliamentary elections until the Prime Minister Election has ended.

    3. The requirements for both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are as follows:
      • 30 days playtime
      • Joined the server at least 5 months ago
      • Cannot have a severe criminal record (harder punishments or repetitive offences) nor have been banned from the server in the last 3 months
      • Have served (in an official, and not acting) capacity in any of the senior or electable government positions (MP, Minister, Judge)

    4. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister may run together as a ticket and will be elected into office together.

    5. A candidate may also run alone (so without a Deputy Prime Minister) and later nominate the DPM; however this nominee must meet the same requirements as mentioned above in order to be confirmed for the position and must not have been a part of the Prime Ministerial election (their name name must not have been on the actual election poll).

    6. The Prime Minister--and DPM, should they be elected on the same ticket--and new MPs will be sworn in together. After which the Prime Minister will send his list of nominees to the new Parliament.

    The Prime Minister will nominate players for a ministerial position through the following process:
    • The Prime Minister will publicly nominate a player for each position in #gov-announcements.
    • Members of Parliament can approach the Prime Minister with questions regarding a nomination.
    • Members of Parliament will vote on each nomination within 24 hours.
    1. Koalition (July 14th, 2016 - February 20th, 2020; April 1st, 2020 - June 20th, 2020)
    2. DoctorThunder7 (February 20th, 2020 - April 1st, 2020)
    3. Luxaholic (June 20th, 2020 - December 20th, 2020)
    4. _Info_ (December 20th, 2020 - September 20th, 2021)
    5. SlimeEmperor (September 20th, 2021 -)

    Section 2: The Deputy Prime Minister
    The Deputy Prime Minister (commonly abbreviated to DPM) is the assistant and primary counselor to the Prime Minister. The DPM may help the PM with their duties but may not override a minister’s decision without the PM’s approval. The DPM may draft bills and executive orders and submit them to the Prime Minister.

    In the event that the Prime Minister goes MIA (Missing in Action) or is unable to be online for more than 10 days, the DPM becomes the Acting Prime Minister and assumes all responsibilities and powers of the Prime Minister. The DPM would hold this position until the Prime Minister returns or is replaced, as necessary. The replacement will follow the same procedure as the standard PM election.

    Section 3: Ministers
    Ministers are members of the cabinet and are the heads of the different government departments. They run government departments and implement decisions on policies in conjunction with the Cabinet. They appoint and dismiss members of their respective departments. Ministers are nominated by the Prime Minister and approved by the Parliament. They serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister and can also be removed from office should they fail to receive and retain confidence from the Parliament.

    Some Ministers may not have a portfolio (meaning they do not head a particular department) and are known as Ministers without portfolio (or more commonly as Advisers). These players usually specialize in a certain field and offer assistance to the Cabinet. The full title for Ministers is "Minister of _____". Example: Minister of Public Affairs (aka Public Affairs Minister) is the Minister responsible for the Department of Public Affairs.

    Players that serve in government departments are apart of the administrative executive, however, are exempt from the limitations placed on the electability of executive members to parliament.

    The current government departments are:
    1. Department of Construction (DoC): Responsible for the construction of government-approved buildings and the highway. The Department also finds locations for new cities and towns. All Constructors and Property Inspectors are a part of this department.
    2. Department of Justice (DoJ): Responsible for maintaining peace and order of the server by enforcing laws. The Department of Justice also offers a security detail to senior government officials, such as the Prime Minister. Police Officers are a part of this department.
    3. Department of Economy (DoE): Responsible for the overall performance of the economy, including government shops, business grants, jobs, exams, guides. The department consists of Economy Secretaries.
    4. Department of Public Affairs (DoPA): Responsible for hosting server events, community feedback (polls, surveys), election debates, social media, transparency publications, and city relations. The department consists of Community Coordinators and Tour Guides.
    5. Department of Health (DoH): Responsible for helping players with diseases and making sure the hospital is functional and stocked. The department also makes sure all other cities have functioning hospitals with working pharmacies. All Doctors and Hospital Secretaries are a part of the department.
    6. Department of Agriculture (DoA): Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the wilderness, in addition to managing the dog shelter and grocery store, as well as animal cruelty reports. Environment Managers and Rangers work in the department.
    7. Department of State (DoS): Responsible for managing foreign affairs, the election process, city relations, confirming political parties, managing the census, and the government feedback survey. Consisted of State Secretaries and City Advisors.

    » List of Members of Cabinet can be found here.

    Judicial Branch: The Court

    The Court consists of up to 3 Judges nominated by the Prime Minister and approved by the Parliament.

    The Judges are responsible for answering and dealing with lawsuits created by players in the Courthouse forum. In the case a lawsuit involves a Judge as either plaintiff or defendant, the case will be presided over by the Speaker of the Parliament. If the SoP is also involved in the lawsuit, the chain will follow: DoJ Minister, then to any other willing member of Cabinet.

    The courts have the power of judicial review and may declare a government decision unconstitutional. A citizen can sue the government for any government decision (bills, executive orders, vetoes, dismissals, etc.). The case can then be accepted or dismissed by the court. If the court chooses to accept, all members of the court must decide for or against the plaintiff. The court can rule only on the basis of existing laws and government changes. The majority opinion will be seen as the opinion of the entire court.

    In any case, the plaintiff or the defendant may file a motion to have the case be heard by a different judge due to a possible conflict of interest, provided the party in question has enough evidence to back up the claim. In this case, 2 other judges will vote as to whether or not a new judge should be assigned. If there are no other judges, the chain of temporary judges described above will be used: SoP, DoJ Minister, any other Member of Cabinet. If the judges vote in favor of the party filing the motion, another judge may then step in and finish the case.

    After a case is decided, either party may choose to file an appeal if they feel their case was heard unfairly. In an appeal case, the Head Judge or most senior Judge will speak on behalf of the court. Arguments on the appeal will then be submitted by Plaintiff and Defendant. All judges will then deliberate and submit their written opinions to the Head Judge. The Head Judge will then use the majority decision to provide their verdict. An appeal may not be appealed.

    » List of Judges can be found here.

    Bill of Rights

    Property Rights
    Players will have the right to be notified at least 3 days in advance of eviction from a property they own or rent.

    Players will have the right to defend their property up to and including lethal force, after warning the other players that they are trespassing.

    Players who are leaving the server (not due to a ban) will have the right to distribute their property how they see fit in a will.

    Players who are inactive will lose their rights to purchased properties and regions. Wild regions can be removed after a player does not log in for a minimum of 60 days. City properties may be evicted according to the city’s laws.

    Legal Rights

    Players will have the right to a fair trial. If the judge presiding over the case has a conflict of interest, the player may request a new judge. If a player feels like a case was heard unfairly, they have the right to file for an appeal.

    Players will also have protection from double jeopardy, meaning they may only be tried for a specific instance of a crime or action once.

    Players will have the right to appeal for their criminal records to be cleared if a minimum of 3 months has passed since their last offense.

    Economic Rights

    Players will have the right to 1 exam job and unlimited qualifications.

    Players who are employed have the right to fair pay and will receive a minimum wage of at least 10 krunas per 15 minutes or through commission-based pay.