Government Cabinet Meeting Notes (10/17/2021)

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    Cabinet Meeting Notes (10/17/2021)

    Ministers Present:
    PM SlimeEmperor
    DPM kailabeann
    DoPA Minister Gabi__
    DoH Minister LobsterRoast
    DoC Minister Luxaholic
    DoS Minister Stinkycow

    DoPA Notes:
    - Successfully completed the Olympics
    - Added pink role Influencer for social media
    - Planning a Halloween Week with a series of holiday-related events
    - Looking into using event warps more in the future

    DoH Notes:
    - Looking into adding a Medicare system to offer free or subsidized healthcare and/or insurance to citizens
    - Gathering public feedback through a department survey
    - Moving config access away from minister to admin-only with minister approval
    - Looking into potentially adding ambulances, emergency rooms

    DoC Notes:
    - Working on a new courthouse
    - Working on a new airport with hangars to rent for planes
    - Redesigning University interior
    - Working on regioning and selling more empty plots in the Capital

    DoS Notes:
    - Now managing all news and press related initiatives
    - Working on moving newsstand to the new spawn
    - Working on adding a news channel which news companies can access via application
    - Registering new political parties, with three approved so far
    - Adding trick-or-treat NPCs across cities on the server
    - Finalizing the removal of Orico and Westridge
    - Hired three State Secs. since DoCR became DoS