Bill: Accepted Evicted property sales act

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Department of Public Affairs
Department of Public Affairs
Evicted Property Sales Act


Ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to acquire evicted properties.

The Parliament of Stratham enacts:

Section 1. Short Title

(1) This Act is the Evicted Property Sales Act.

Section 2. Commencement

(1) All Provisions shall come into effect upon passage.

Section 3. Reasoning

(1) Currently, the Department of Construction has noticed that many of the evicted plots being sold by the government had been purchased by the same individuals. This has shown us a clear issue of unequal opportunity for purchasing these evicted lands. This bill aims to keep the resale of evicted plots completely immune to bias and to ensure all citizens have an equal opportunity to purchase a property.

Section 4. Resale Process
(1) Land successfully completes the DoC eviction process.
(2) The evicted plot is assigned to the For-Sale list designation.
(3) On the first week of each month, the DoC Minister shall release a pre-determined amount of For-Sale designated plots.
(4) These plots will be posted on the forums under the subsection “Evicted Properties For-Sale”
(5) Once posted the DoC Minister will open an expression of interest for each plot released. This EoI shall be open for a minimum of 48 hours to give all time zones an equal opportunity to apply.
(6) Once the EoI has closed, the DoC Minister will vet all applicants, confirming that they are in good standing with DoC with no outstanding building code infractions.
(7) Once the DoC Minister has vetted all applicants, they will assign each eligible applicant a number. Once this number is assigned the DoC Minister will use a random number generator to determine which applicant will receive the 1st opportunity of purchasing the evicted plot.
(8) The plot will cost the same as the /as buy price

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