Goodbye guys <3


Hi, this post has honestly been coming for a very long time. It is pretty sad but I have to say goodbye. I wish I could mention every single person that I've worked with because you have all truly made an impact on me but I can't. I could say a lot of sad stuff but I want to leave in a happy note and honestly, I will miss you guys so so much but I am leaving some money to some people and I am also just going to say my goodbyes and ofc, I am still open to conversations on discord <3

Hi Mickiiiii, ty for being my friend (probably one of my best friends on this server)!!! Its honestly crazy how we met and its even more crazy that we have been such good friends for this long. I have so much to say but I should probably keep it short. Thank you for everything, thank you for every laugh and late night conversations and in general, thank you for everything. I am always open to have chats with you on discord though!!! I've always and will always look up to you because you have always been such a positive person and I love that. I love you girly <3
- To Mickichu I leave 130,926.95 krunas (Which has been already paid out)

Hi, its funny how I am writing this while on a vc with you. First, I want to say that we have worked together for so long that its shocking that we haven't gotten sick of one another. Which I mean, props to us bro. NOW, you have made such an impact in my life. How calm you are, how respectful and honest. It is impressive and I wish I could do this. I honestly wish you the best of luck with everything you do, both IRL and on BC and ofc my DM's are always open if you want to have a chat:D
- To Poemhunter I leave 15-Zelen_Blvd and maybe more (gotta check smth out lol).

Okay dude- Ima be totally honest, when we were both doctors I always wanted to compete with you cause you were so good ;-;. Also, you were such a great HS and Deputy Minister. I've known you about the same time as I have with Poem but like I barely talked to you... We aren't gonna question why or how but at the same time I am remembering when I first heard your voice and I was legit surprised. Idk why but it was shocking. ANYWAAAAAAAAYS you have always been such a great friend and I am so happy to see how far you got within BC. You are a lovely person and I wish you all the best. And just like I am telling everyone, I am always open to having convos to catch up!!
- To Ryan_88 I leave 93,519.25 krunas (Which has already been paid out)

Hey Eva!!!!! NGL- I had a little trouble getting used to you for some reason. It was prob cause I was really stressed out when I met you and you were like a ray of sunshine lol. I think that is definitely one of the parts I will miss about you, how positive you are and how kind. I honestly don't know what to say because again, I gotta keep it short but like aaaaaaaaah. GOOD LUCK WITH ANYTHING GOV RELATED, ALSO LIKE GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR JOURNEY IN BC AND I HOPE THAT YOU STAY ON BC FOR A LONG TIME. Also, with the money I am leaving you, grow it. Have a small but good company and like ofc, if you need any help or just need a friend to talk to I am here!! KEEP BEING THE HYPED UP, SWEET PERSON THAT YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- To _Evachu_ I leave 37,407.70 Krunas (Which has already been paid out)

Everyone Else
Hey guys, I can totally mention people by name but I am too lazy and I am prob running out of space to type lol. Everyone that has crossed my path on BC, I will miss you. I went from being an annoying 6th grader to growing as a person and finding people that I could actually have conversations with and respect and that is something I won't ever forget. IDC if I only talked to you like once, I will still remember you. Good luck to everyone and my advice is to take the risk. Don't just save up krunas, take the risk and make the company. Don't sit back and say, "maybe I will become this someday", run for the position. It was fun knowing y'all, see you in the future <3

Signing off,
Former DoH Minister
Founder of EE Shop
Former CEO of Andromedus Industries
Former DoA employee (a bunch of jobs here lol)
Former BC player. <3
July 21, 2020 - February 16, 2024