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    BC Monopoly time! It won't work like a normal game of Monopoly and so that we have enough time for another round, first person to get a Monopoly (own all plots of the same color or all Factories) wins!

    It will take place on November 12, 2021 at 7PM EST location covington

    The prize for the winner is going to be 2500kr

    (Sign up by commenting "I, name, would like to participate in this competition)

    1. No cheating
    2. you are required to return all items used
    3 if you did not sign up but still want to patriciate, feel free to join

    thank you Dark_Shadow_Wolf for making this event :D
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    I, PeachLemon_, would love to participate in this event!
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    I, xAntho_ny, would like to participate in this competition
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    I, Derp, would like to participate in this competition
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    I, Decidous, would like to participate in this competition.
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    I, GikoHanno, would like to participate in this competition
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    i, 126__ would like to compete in this competition
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    I, taylor1249 would like to participate in this event.
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