Bill: Accepted Parliament Term 24.5

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    Title: Parliament Term 24.5
    Type: Creation
    Description: The current election system we have in place causes for the Prime Ministral election, and the Parliamentary election to be back to back, and in some essence, a bit rushed. This bill is intended to stagger the election cycles by adding in a short half term, before resuming to the normal Parliament term lengths. This will hopefully allow for the political scene to be more active over a wider window, as well as allow debate monitors and the Department of State time to reorganize between elections.

    -The December election will be a 1.5 month long term, as opposed to the normal 3 month long terms.
    -The election process for Term 25 will begin on January 15th for candidates to announce their running, and voting will open on the 22nd of January.
    -The same election format will be followed, just as if it were a normal election.
    -There will be 9 elected Members of Parliament this term.

    Additional Information: After the conclusion of Parliament term 24.5, elections will return to their regular 3 month length.
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