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PrivateBanks Plugin​

PrivateBanks is the plugin that allows you to create and manage virtual banks and accounts within the game, making the economy system more engaging and complex. PrivateBanks features the ability to automatically manage interest payments to your bank's customers and to provide loans, at the interest rate you choose, to be repaid on your configurable deadline date.

A Personal Bank needs to be created by the Economy Minister, upon successful registration of your bank company. Once you have a bank, you can invite players to open a deposit account in your bank, pay them daily interests or offer them loans.

Bank owners are able, at any given time, to manage the balance deposited by their customers. Similarly, customers, at any time, are able to manage the wealth they have deposited within their deposit account.

Please, make sure you communicate your bank's terms of service, before inviting players to create a deposit account.

Your customers are also able to delete their accounts, as long as their account balance is zero and they do not have an active loan.


Once you have access to your bank, you will able to use the following commands:
- /pbank menu opens your bank's menu system.
- /pbank deposit <amount> deposits the amount to the bank.
- /pbank withdraw <amount> withdraws the amount from the bank.
- /pbank balance lets you check your bank's balance.
- /pbank invite <username> lets you invite another player to open a deposit account in your bank.

Your customers, having a deposit account in your bank, will be able to use the following commands:
- /paccount menu opens your account's menu system.
- /paccount deposit <amount> deposits the amount to your account.
- /paccount withdraw <amount> withdraws the amount from your account.
- /paccount balance lets you check your account's balance.

Loan Management​

Loans are a key feature of the PrivateBanks plugin, allowing bank owners to extend credit to their customers. Here’s how the loan process works:

- Offering a Loan: Bank owners can offer loans through the bank's menu system. To initiate a loan offer, navigate to the menu and select an active deposit account within your bank. You will then set the terms of the loan, including the interest rate (ranging from 0.1% to 30%) and the repayment period (from 1 to 5 weeks).

- Loan Acceptance: When a loan offer is made, the targeted user will receive a notification asking them to accept or ignore the loan offer. If the user wishes to accept the loan, they can do so by using the command /paccount loan. Upon acceptance, the loan amount will be automatically transferred to the user's account.

- Repayment: The loan must be repaid by the end of the agreed duration. Repayment is automatically handled: the due amount will be deducted from the user's account balance. If the balance is insufficient at the due date, the plugin will continue to automatically deduct partial payments every time the user joins the game, until the full amount is repaid.

This system ensures that bank owners can safely offer loans while providing players with an automated method to manage their debts. Loans can be deleted by the bank owner, through the in-game menu in the "View Loans" page, or by admins.

Savings Accounts Interests​

Banks can decide to pay a flat fee of interests to the accounts in their bank, on a daily basis.
The command to set your interest rate is /pbank interest <amount>

The amount you have specified in the command will be paid to all your accounts, once per day.
Your customers will receive an in-game mail upon successful payment and the bank owner will be also notified.

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